God Made the World: Review

God Made the World
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Looking for a cute baby gift or baby shower gift? How about a copy of God Made the World?

God Made the World

This is a “cuddly crinkly cloth book” as it says on the cover. I like the way the book is made of cloth, making it ideal even for babies. This is a book that can be chewed on and drooled on without being any worse for the wear! The cover is also indeed “crinkly” — I’m guessing they put a sheet of cellophane inside the fabric pieces. It does feel very squishable. Great tactile feature for little ones.

God Made the World

Fun Features

Inside, you’ll find six cloth pages with very simple text. Knowing me, you’re probably not surprised that I am showing you a page with some rabbits. Each page is colorful, and since it’s made of fabric, very soft. You can see that the book closes with a velcro tab on the side. There’s even a little carrying loop at the top.

God Made the World

On the final page, you’ll see a mirror! Fun for a baby or toddler to hear “God made me” and then see himself or herself staring back 🙂

You can buy God Made the World at Amazon. Remember it next time you need a baby gift.


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  1. What a sweet book. I definitely will remember this when I am looking for a baby gift. Thanks for the nice pictures and review.

  2. This looks like a nice baby gift, or a gift for my younger “greats.” Thanks for introducing it to us.

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