Menu Plan Monday 9/18/2017

Menu Plan Monday

Happy first Menu Plan Monday of fall to all of you friends out there. This has been one of those weeks here — a tough one. A good friend’s husband passed away after a long illness that culminated in a week at hospice. While it’s nice to know he’s in a better place, those of us still here will miss him. Then Nabeel Qureshi, a Muslim-turned-Christian whose book I had enjoyed and whose videos and messages I’d watched often, passed away the next day. Here’s hoping this week will be better.

Other than that, the week was quiet. I have two sisters beginning piano this week (actually doing a “trial run” which is always kind of … interesting). Daughter #3 and her band will have a nearly 24-hour-long day at a competition in Toledo. Wishing them the best!

The week’s menu plans:

Monday: Wendy’s Chili — yes, does taste pretty much like the “real” thing.

Blount Vegetarian Chili soup

Blount Vegetarian Chili soup

Tuesday: Butter & Herb Grilled Chicken with Summer Succotash — looks good, and it’s still officially summer …

Wednesday: fish baked with veggies — something like this

Thursday: Cheeseburger and Fries Pie — yum!

Friday: Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas — crockpot dinners are easy and I love that.

More menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkie‘s. What is new in your world this week?


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 9/18/2017

  1. Since I can not get my gas grill to light, I browned a package of brats in my Pioneer Woman red skillet. So I will be eating brats this week for my meat. I talked to a man Saturday who said his LDL was in the 400s and he now has it in the 100s – all due to what he eats. I am cognizant that brats are not a good thing in that arena, but smeared with horseradish mustard, they are darn good!

  2. Your week of menus sounds delicious as always. We will have Chicken Divan, a new recipe made with Kielbasa, baked Fish, and Veal Cutlets Parmesan. Just not sure which night we will have what except tonight we will have the Chicken Divan. We love Wendy’s Chili.

  3. Your first paragraph is interesting. After learning of Nabeel’s death, I felt almost as if I had lost a friend, even though I never met him. And I know you had lost a friend. Thank you for sitting with his wife at hospice. I’m sure she appreciated it.

    I don’t envy Daughter #3’s almost 24-hour day. I pray for safety. Is that a new contest, meaning one in which the previous bands had not participated?

  4. I was so heartbroken to hear of Nabeel’s passing. I struggle with why God took him when he was doing so much to tell people of Him, but I am sure He has His reasons. I read a couple of articles and hope his family sees his ardent faith, and more importantly, the God in whom his faith rested, and come to trust in Him.

    I am sorry to hear of your friend’s husband passing as well. I know that’s hard.

    Wow, a 24-hour competition. I cannot imagine! The crockpot chicken enchiladas sound really good.

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