Discover Scouting Event on October 7

Discover Scouting Fort Wayne


What are you planning for October 7? If you’re in or around Fort Wayne, Indiana, let me suggest an event: Discover Scouting at Parkview Field.

What is Discover Scouting?

It’s intended as a recruiting event for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Have you ever wondered what scouting involves? This is a great place and time to learn more. There will be lots of fun things to do, as you can see listed in the flier above. A Gaga Ball Pit. Pinewood Derby Races. A Rocket Launch — and more. Best of all, all these events are FREE! If you get hungry after all the fun, there will be food trucks there. You can even shop the online Girl Scout and Boy Scout stores.

Who Can Participate?

The event is geared toward kids from kindergarten age through grade 12 (which are the ages kids can participate in scouting), with a special emphasis on kids in grades K-5. Parents are welcome to come along as well, to learn more about area scouting troops. Although the event is geared toward getting new kids involved, current scouts can join in the fun too.

When Is Discover Scouting?

Discover Scouting is planned for Saturday, October 7, at Parkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne. It will be held in the concourse area, so there will be some protection from the elements should it rain. But the event will happen rain or shine, so make plans to bring the kids out for a day of family fun.

You can show your interest in the event on Facebook here.


Discover Scouting Fort Wayne

Why Should I Consider Scouting for my Kids?

I think scouting is a wonderful activity, particularly for today’s kids. When they’re at scouting events, kids put down their phones and get involved with nature, crafts, and activities with their peers. If you’re an adult, you may have positive memories from your own scouting days. I do — even though I was just a Brownie for a couple of years. “Brownie days” were always special. I wore my brown uniform (complete with my Brownie beanie hat!) to school, taking care to get my tie on as well as the various pins I was able to earn.

Scouting provides a great venue for kids to learn in many ways, utilizing different skills from those used in school. In fact, many kids who struggle in school excel at scouting.

Do you have memories of your days in scouting? Did your kids participate?




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  1. My girls joined the girl scouts for one year, but unfortunately the troops aren’t very active around here. They don’t even bother with uniforms!

  2. IT sounds like this will be a fun event. I sure hope it’s a hit!

  3. What a wonderful event. I have fond memories of my grade school years in the Girl Scouts, so many years ago. I still have my little green book!

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