Menu Plan Monday 8/7/2017

travel suitcase cake

Hi Menu Plan Monday friends! How was your week? It was a nice one here; busy, but nothing too crazy. I have to tell you about a graduation/farewell party we went to Saturday night. It was for a girl I’d given piano lessons to. It was the most amazing event I’ve been to in years — maybe ever. The mom is a former wedding planner, so maybe that isn’t a surprise. The photo at the top shows the cake. This girl has traveled to Europe and loves to travel and have adventures in general (she’s going to college several states away). There was a food truck (which I’d never experienced before), a popsicle stand, photo booth, open bar (I don’t drink, but hey — wow), a s’mores station, tables outdoors with tablecloths and each with lovely different travel-themed centerpieces, a bouncy castle, and I’m sure I’m forgetting several things. It was just so amazing, and our whole family had fun there (well, daughter #3 was at a flute sleepover, but that sounds fun too, so  …). I woke up a few times that night after getting home from it, and kept feeling like I’d been in a dream.

This week, daughter #1 prepares to return to college. I always miss her, but am happy she’s doing so well. Band camp ends Friday for daughter #3. Daughter #2 still has a couple of weeks before she heads to college, but since she’s going locally, it’s nice that I won’t really have to say goodbye to her 🙂

Here’s the menu plan for the week:

Monday: Skillet Lasagna – easier than “regular” lasagna, and good. Plus, I have tomatoes ripe in the garden now!!

Tuesday: Hearty Chicken & Noodle Casserole — here’s the recipe:

Hearty Chicken & Noodle Casserole

This week I was looking through recipe cards in an old file I had. I threw away several things that seemed dated (don’t think I need my hand-written recipe for the banana sticky buns made in 7th grade), but pulled out a few things to make that I hadn’t thought of in a while. This was one. I’ll probably make homemade noodles.

Wednesday: Calico Beans 

Thursday: two of the girls and I are headed about 40 minutes away to see “Into the Night” at a theater we love. I also got a mystery shop at a Mexican restaurant nearby. Yay for theater plus no cooking!

Friday: Chicken Salsa Verde – I’ve made this before and it’s good.

More menu plan Monday ideas and recipes at OrgJunkie‘s. Wishing you all a great week!

7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 8/7/2017

  1. Wow! That suitcase cake was intriguing!! No wonder that you enjoyed the party so much. I have never been to a party with a food truck either. I suppose you had a choice of things to order maybe. Your meals for the week all sound delicious! I always love the Calico bean one. The play at Wagon Wheel Theater will be a good one. I’m betting that you are eating at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant on the way into Warsaw. That is a plus for sure, so go have fun, all four of you! 🙂

  2. I wish I had seen that cake in person. I can’t imagine how she got it to look so real. Have fun on your evening out on Thursday.

  3. I loved hearing about the party. Thanks for sharing with us. The cake is spectacular!! Your menus sound good, as always. We will be having baked parmesan chicken tonight, corn/lima bean/sausage casserole on Tuesday. Since both of these will have leftovers, that will take care of a couple more nights. Enjoy your theater trip, sounds like fun.

  4. I did not get around to reading your Monday blog until Tuesday morning. Monday I returned to school for meetings – interesting ones at that! My Monday began with a catered breakfast at Seymour High School. The Townhouse provided a bountiful breakfast. For lunch I returned to the Sixth Grade Center where we were given pizza – probably at least five different varieties and some remarkable homemade cookies! Today will be my annual Fun Run. I think we are eating at Montana Mike’s at Edinburgh IN. Then tomorrow I begin packing my lunch for the first day of school. Cheers!! It’s been quite the summer in my life!

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