Birthin’ Babies, Gender Reveals, and On and On and On …

For the most part, I’m really glad to have grown up and lived in the eras I have. A few recent examples I’ve thought of —

Engagement Photos

I’m glad to have gotten engaged and married before the trend of huge photo shoots for these photo events began. My fiance and I went to JCPenney and got engagement photos there. We bought the package of a gazillion photos, probably for about $5.99. It was fine! I talked to a friend recently and she recounted doing the same thing. Now, many people book a photographer and go out on a photo shoot costing in the hundreds and requiring changes of clothes, various different settings, etc.

Gender Reveals

I’m grateful to have had my kids before the era of “gender reveal” events. Part of this may be that I’ve always hated being the center of attention. I found out what each of my girls was before they were born with ultrasounds, which was nice. Did I need a party complete with opening a box filled with either pink or blue confetti? And probably the accompanying photographer to capture it all? Nope.

Hospital Stays after Having Babies

I’m glad I had my kids when I did. My, how the limits of what’s acceptable have changed there. I remember Princess Diana having her first son, Prince William, in 1982. She went home a day later, and the papers were full of articles about MIRACLE MOM LADY DI LEAVES HOSPITAL A MERE 21 HOURS AFTER GIVING BIRTH! This seemed a little surprising at the time.

Back then, women spent longer in the hospital after having babies. I’m sure a lot of this was due to medical costs being much more reasonable back then. It seems like women stayed in the hospital close to a week after having a baby; longer for a C-section. I remember going to see someone with my mom after she’d had a baby. I think the baby was a few weeks old when we visited, yet the woman was sitting in bed (probably in a housecoat!), being attended to by probably her mom or mother-in-law. These days, you’re out of the hospital 24 hours or so after the baby is born. This is how it was when I had my kids, and honestly, I liked it. I’ve always been fairly active, and anyway, I don’t like hospitals.

Things always change, and maybe it’s just human nature to prefer things the way they are when we experience them. How about your memories? Are you glad to have lived during the times you did?


5 thoughts on “Birthin’ Babies, Gender Reveals, and On and On and On …

  1. I was the first of my mother’s babies to have been born in the hospital. Mother told me on several occasions that she came home in an ambulance ten days after I was born!!! Yes, times have changed. Now on to the gender reveal thing: If people want to do that, I think it’s alright, but I HATE the entire thing about pictures of your baby bump (or full-blown pregnant belly) when the belly is bare!!! It is beyond my comprehension why women, especially those who claim to be Christians, want to show off their bare belly to people other than their husbands. Evidently there is no desire to honor God’s Word where it tells us to be dressed modestly.

  2. What is this style with pregnant women wearing very tight tops/dresses which look like they are going to split open any minute? I guess maternity tops are no longer worn but I wore them because they were so comfortable. And those pictures of nude pregnant woman are a real turn-off. I wonder who likes to look at them – not me!! There seems to be no modesty in any aspect of life. Nothing is sacred anymore and that is so sad.

  3. We didn’t even get engagement photos. I didn’t know that was a thing. We got engaged just before going different directions after the college spring semester was over, not to see each other until a week before the fall semester started, so there wasn’t a chance to do them right away anyway. I don’t think I heard of anyone getting them until a couple of years later, and they were the studio kind. I do like the modern ones with the different poses and settings but was shocked to see how expensive they were. My son and daughter-in-law have had friends who took some informal photos for them, and those always turned out nice.

    I think the gender reveals are fun, too, at least for the family. Everyone else could probably stand just to hear the news without all the hoopla.

    With any almost kind of medical issue, they have you up pretty soon afterward now. I think that’s probably healthier.

    One of your other commenters mentioned maternity clothes that stretch tight across the belly. In my day they were very full and loose. I don’t care for the naked pregnant belly photos, either.

  4. I had my engagement picture taken in college, so it couldn’t have cost very much. I miss seeing engagement and wedding photos in the newspaper. It seems that the only celebration pictures anymore in the Journal-Gazette are 50th and 60th anniversaries and 100th birthdays. I also made most of my maternity clothes, and they were comfortable!

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