All Saints: Movie

All Saints movie

Looking for an inspirational movie that you can enjoy with the entire family? Let me introduce you to All Saints.

It’s based on the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock, the tiny church he was ordered to shut down, and a group of refugees from Southeast Asia. Together, they risked everything to plant seeds for a future that might just save them all.

All Saints Movie

I haven’t seen the movie yet (it doesn’t come out until August 25), but I watched the trailer, and it gave me goosebumps!

I learned more about the movie by watching this 4-minute “heart of the movie” video. I learned that the refugees in the story are from Burma. This especially piqued my interest, because the town I live in has a large number of Burmese people as well.

More videos about All Saints:
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All Saints is rated PG (for thematic elements), runs 1:48, and is recommended for ages 10 and up. I don’t go to many movies in the theater, but this is one I’d really enjoy seeing. With Glass Castle also coming out this month, I might actually go to the theater twice this month. New record for me!

You can learn more about the movie at its website, and while you’re there you can also buy tickets and access video, photos, downloads, and news.

Would you like to win 2 tickets to the movie? You can enter below. US only please, as codes only work for US theaters.

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44 thoughts on “All Saints: Movie

  1. I think I would enjoy this movie, especially since we work with many Burmese people. However, I don’t go to theaters, and I have no way to watch this at home. But it sure sounds like an interesting story. Wonderful to have a movie that is supposed to be kid friendly.

  2. I love that it is family friendly and the storyline is intriguing! I think I will be at the movie theaters a few times this summer too!

  3. This is a movie that I’d love to see. We don’t go to movies very often because of the violence, bad language, nudity, etc. So it’s great to know there is a movie that would appeal to me. Thanks for giving us a chance to win the tickets!!

  4. I love that it is family friendly so my niece can watch it.

  5. I like the rating and also the theme of planting the seed.

  6. It looks very interesting! My husband is excited to see it! 🙂

  7. This movie looks good because it is faith based and God honoring.

  8. My sister has worked with refugees and has really opened my eyes to the struggles they face. I think this movie would be eye-opening in new ways (and probably make me cry).

  9. This looks like a wonderful movie with timely themes. I’d love to see it!

  10. I love inspirational, real-life events, and like you, there’s a big Burmese community here, as well.

  11. I just really like finding positive and inspirational movies to watch. The plot sounds interesting and I’ve liked John Corbett ever since his days on “Northern Exposure.”

  12. I would take my daughter to see this because she has had a lot of questions lately about refugees, and immigrants in general. As a child of immigrants, this topic is very important to me.

  13. It looks like a good movie that I could watch with my girls!

  14. I like John Corbett and haven’t seen him in a long time.

  15. This sounds like a great movie. I can’t wait to see it!

  16. This movie sounds great. Love that it is family friendly. I also want to see White Castle. I hope it is like the book and didn’t leave out to much detail.

  17. I love family friendly movies that are based on true stories!

  18. I love feel good movies. I also like true stories I can use in our homeschool curriculum.

  19. I’d like to watch this movie with my husband. It looks really good. I like movies that are Christian based. Thanks.

  20. This looks like a movie that my wife would really like. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  21. I’d like this movie because it seems to be upbeat and inspiring.

  22. I like family friendly movies and I teach students from Burma.

  23. This looks like a great movie. Thanks for the chance. It would be a perfect date night for the hubby and me 🙂

  24. This movie looks so inspiring…and I would love to see that in a movie, since it seems the only movies I’ve been seeing with my hubby & teen kids over the past couple of years is superhero or sci fi movies!

  25. I’ll watch Barry Corbin in anything! Hey, when they cast John Corbett and Barry Corbin in the same movie, do you think people on the set ever get them confused?

  26. All Saints appeals to me because it is a wholesome, inspiring family movie that would generate discussion and positive feelings.

  27. John Corbett is a wonderful actor. This seems like a heart warming-happy story that I would sincerely enjoy.

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