Crazy 8: 2017 Denim Collection for Back to School

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Crazy 8┬áis a great place to do some back-to-school shopping for your kids! When my girls were little, I often shopped garage sales for clothing for them. But I have noticed that these days, stores often have such excellent prices that many times, you can find deals for brand new clothes that don’t cost much more than you’d pay for garage sale items. And let’s face it: it’s fun to get new clothes.

Denim at Crazy 8

Crazy 8 is focusing on denim in its back to school collections. Jeans, of course, are a staple of most kids’ school wardrobe. This year, they are adding seven new denim washes. Their jeans are also on-trend, and (I’m happy to report) age-appropriate. Kids love these jeans, and you’ll feel good about the prices. Win-win!

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

Shop the entire denim collection at Crazy 8 today.

Are you buying any jeans during this back-to-school season? Where is your favorite place to buy kids’ jeans?



2 thoughts on “Crazy 8: 2017 Denim Collection for Back to School

  1. No jeans for me during this season. Nor any back-to-school clothes for me. I’ve passed that stage. Ha!

  2. Like Elaine, I’m passed that stage! I have lots of memories of buying back-to-school clothes except for some years when my girls wore white blouses with plaid jumpers as uniforms. Sure made my life a lot easier! Of course, they still needed other new things, like shoes, socks, etc.

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