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Gymboree: you know I’m a fan. Back to School: believe it or not, that time is fast approaching. How do the two intersect?

Well, Gymboree has a Back to School theme. This year, it’s themed #KidGoals, “because anything is possible when you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes.”

Gymboree Sale On Now!Gymboree of course has tons of cute back to school clothing. But did you know that they also carry a great selection of school uniforms that work with the requirements of many schools that use uniforms? Or that Gymboree also carries cute backpacks and other gear your kids may need? They do!

Shop Gymboree’s Back to School Collection

As an example of one of Gymboree’s cool back to school items, how about this solar system shirt for boys? Real planets, along with some … umm … creative ones (Planet Grub? okay 🙂 ). But very cute, and even — dare I say it — kind of educational?

For the girls, how about this awesome gold unicorn shimmer dress?

If you have kids at home, what are their #KidGoals? Around here, for one kid it is to begin college. For another, it’s working toward earning her driver’s license. And for the final one, it’s to keep on chugging away at that college degree.

Happy (and stylish!) back to school to you and all the children in your life!



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  1. That is such a cute shirt and yes, educational! I used to buy Gymboree for my grandkids when they were little. Such sweet clothes for little girls and great clothes for little boys also!

  2. I often wish I had a baby or child for whom to buy clothes because I see such cute ones. Alas, I have none.

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