Menu Plan Monday 7/17/2017

foods auction 4-H

Happy July Menu Plan Monday, friends. The county fair is in full swing here. The photo above is from Friday’s foods auction, where 4-Hers who earn a blue ribbon on their foods project can sell a similar item at an auction. “Real” auctioneers do the auction, and the first time I experienced it, I was kind of blown away by it all. The fast talking, the constant shouting as bid after bid is placed, etc. Daughter #3 was happy to earn some cash just for baking.

The girls both did well, with each having things go on to the State Fair. That’s always fun (maybe more fun for me than for them, but anyway).

bonsai picnic

This weekend was also the annual bonsai club picnic and auction, and daughter #3 and I attended that. Good food, good conversation, and lots of plants for cheap! Hard to improve on all the good stuff this past week. Of course, there’s never perfection: I’ve been struck by a case of poison ivy. I seem to be very allergic to it, even though I wash my hands upon coming in from outside every time. I’m not even aware of where I picked it up this time, but I have patches in various places across my body now. Ugh.

In the coming week, daughter #1 returns from Europe and it’s kind of like the end of summer break for us, because daughter #3 begins band camp in a week.

Menu Plan

Here’s what the menu plan looks like:

Monday: Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole — love this and haven’t made it in a while.

cheesy chicken tater tot crock pot casserole

Tuesday: Three Cheese Manicotti — daughter #2 is cooking. Yay!  I see we also have some zucchini ready in the garden, so I may make zucchini bread too while the oven is on.

Wednesday: Football Fiesta Casserole because daughter #1 gets home and she loves it.

Thursday: BBQ Ranch Chicken Casserole — I’ve made (and loved) this a few times.

Friday: Beef Nachos — using this recipe as a basic idea.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.  What’s new in your world this week?







6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 7/17/2017

  1. Congratulations on the State Fair entries! We are looking forward to going to the Hamilton Co. Fair this week to see our grandchildren’s projects. They’ve been working hard on them. Bet your daughter will have plenty to tell about her trip when she gets home!

  2. If you have nothing specifically for poison ivy, buy something over the counter. I even got pills from a doctor once. There are products that really help clear it up. My bouts with poison ivy go back to my childhood. I remember hot summer nights, itching poison ivy so badly on my hands, with them all swollen up. As an adult I got it on my face. It’s awful! On another topic, mosquitoes are TERRIBLE this summer! Yesterday a friend said they sit all over her but do NOT bite. I do not share that luck!

  3. I’m sorry to read that you have poison ivy. What a bummer! Did you try the tip I told you about? I think it needs to be organic apple cider vinegar. I have some. Wish I could send it to you. I’d love to hear all the stories Daughter #1 has to tell. And I’m so happy for Daughter #2 and #3 having things to go to the state fair. Will you go to see them?

    I’m sorry it’s already time for band camp to begin. But I’m sure it’s good discipline. Does she enjoy it, or just endure it in order to get to the finished product? I’m sure it will be different this year with a different band director.

  4. My m-i-l’s caregiver’s daughter has band camp this week, and the public schools start up the first week of August. Seems like it gets sooner every year! Glad your daughter did well in 4H. Hope you can find a remedy for the poison ivy. I haven’t had it often but I do remember it was miserable. I took a peek at the chicken tater tot casserole – I may give that one a whirl! I have another casserole that uses tater tots and ground beef and cheddar cheese soup, but it’s an oven meal, so I only make it in the winter. But I am wondering how it would fare in the crockpot.

  5. I hope the poison ivy gets a lot better real soon. Your menu for the week sounds delicious. I have only a couple of dinners planned but you have inspired me to get busy for the rest of the week!! Hope you’ll do a blog about your daughter’s trip to Europe. I’d love to hear about it.

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