Menu Plan Monday 7/3/17

Happy Fourth of July week Menu Plan Monday to everyone! The photo above is one of my favorites; it’s the girls about 15 years ago. The common areas in our subdivision (where they’re posing) used to look really nice. Now, not so much.

Do you have plans for the holiday? Our neighbors invited us over for dinner and fireworks, so that is our plan. I am bringing some food too. Their grandsons, who are similar in age to our girls, are visiting from out of state.

Daughter #1 is in the process of flying to Europe. Yes, this is the same daughter who recently went to Peru. She loves to travel (like I do), and figured this would be her “summer of travel” since she hopes to get an internship next summer. She is even more adventurous than I am, zipping into doing all this on her own without benefit of tours or anything like that. But I know she’ll have a wonderful experience.

Here is our week’s menu plan:

Monday: Tortilla Soup (carried over from last week; here’s the recipe )

Tuesday: dinner at the neighbor’s

Wednesday: Cheese Stuffed Breadsticksas good as they sound 🙂

Thursday: Coconut Curry Chicken and Chickpeas — found in a recipe recently, but it sounds similar to some things I already make.

Friday: Papa John’s pizza — a week or so ago, we had this another time due to some great deals. Part of that deal was enough points to earn two more free pizzas — which is what we’ll eat tonight.

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

What’s new in your world this week or your kitchen? I wish you all a happy Independence Day!


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 7/3/17

  1. Good plan. I love cheese bread sticks–esp with pepperoni in them, too. If you guys like pesto (I used the stuff in a jar–yes, honestly!) I made a super easy dinner last night:chicken breasts spread with pesto, bake,when almost done top with slice tomato and then a few minutes more top with cheese. No leftovers!

  2. I love Papa John’s pizza. In fact, it’s my favorite. And it was even before my man, Peyton Manning, bought a handful of their franchises! I think it’s the best American pizza there is. Enjoy it for me.

  3. Our neighbors used to host a neighborhood-wide cookout – they cooked burgers and ribs and everyone else brought everything else. But they didn’t want to do it this year. So we’re just grilling burgers here with my son, d-i-l, and grandson, and of course the son who still lives here. If the weather’s nice, we’ll get out my grandson’s wading pool. I love Papa John’s!

  4. That picture of your 3 daughters on the 4th of July about 15 years ago is very cute! Those patriotic head pieces are so adorable. Joe and I now have a 4th of July invite to my brother’s house in Huntington for fish. He recently returned from his annual fishing trip to Canada, so first we will eat at 5pm and then play cards. The only game my brother will even think of playing is Euchre, and it goes so fast that we should have time for 3 games and still get home well before dark.
    Right now I am so hot that I can’t even think of food yet for supper tonight! Joe had a check to cash and I needed to go to Kroger’s to get some things not available at my favorite smaller market locally. It was 86 degrees and sweltering everywhere we went. Still had 2 more places to go, but I couldn’t stand another minute in town with the hot concrete and all! I think that your cheese bread rolls are my pick of the week. I bought both blueberries and strawberries today and some honey ham, so a cold plate sounds like the best bet for me.

  5. I love that cute picture of your precious little girls. One 4th of July when mine were 7 and 4, (those numbers are just a coincidence!!) they decorated their bicycles in red, white & blue and rode in a local parade. They waved to everybody as though they were celebrities!

    This evening we had baked flounder and I will grill some hot dogs on the 4th. Your Cheese Baked Breadsticks sound delicious. I have an abundance of blueberries so will be making some blueberry muffins soon. Have a wonderful 4th!!

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