A Very Duggar Wedding Registry

Fans of TLC’s Duggar TV programs, 19 Kids and Counting and now Counting On, know that the huge family “does things a little differently.” Those differences extend, I think, into the items the Duggar kids ask for in their wedding registries. Thinking back to when Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard, I remember feeling it was odd when they registered for several boxes of cereal, as well as guns and ammunition. Jessa and now-hubby Ben Seewald requested an iPad and a Macbook. And latest-married couple, Joy Anna and Austin Forsyth, included lots of construction tools on their registry — the better to flip houses with, I suppose?

Now, as another Duggar child prepares to tie the knot, it’s quiz time. Guess which items are on the wedding registry of Joseph Duggar and fiancee Kendra Caldwell, who are slated to marry September 8 (or October 7; they’ve changed the registry date from one to the other) in Rogers, Arkansas? (Note that on the book cover above, Joseph is near the left center back, wearing a lime green shirt).

Joseph and Kendra’s Wedding Registry

Here’s a hint: five items are actually on the registry, and five are not — answers at the end of the post.

  1. laptop computer
  2. camping tent
  3. doorstop
  4. athletic shoes
  5. teeth whitening strips
  6. 64 restaurant gift cards
  7. 36-pack toilet paper
  8. circular saw
  9. bird feeder
  10. socks

You can check out the happy couple’s wedding registry at Amazon for yourself here.

Answers: The odd-numbered items are not on the list, the even ones are. Is it just me, or do several of these items not belong on a registry? It’s been two decades since I made a registry myself, but I’ve been to several weddings since then and most of these items were not on registries I’ve seen. Then again, I’m assuming that the Duggars, as TV “stars,” receive several gifts from the general public. In that case, I guess one might as well go for it, so to speak.

What’s the most unusual item you’ve ever seen on a registry?


4 thoughts on “A Very Duggar Wedding Registry

  1. I haven’t had an wedding invitation for a while now so haven’t looked at any wedding registries. I don’t know what couples are asking for but nothing surprises me these days!!

  2. I’m a little surprised they aren’t a bit more strange! Although I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen athletic shoes on a wedding registry!

  3. When I was married, the only registries I knew of were for china and silver, which I wasn’t getting. The ladies doing my shower didn’t even ask me what colors I preferred, and I had only been to 1 or 2 showers before, so I had no idea how they worked. I got bathroom towels in several different colors. 🙂 I do like registries so I can get the couple something they truly want rather than contributing fodder for their first yard sale . 🙂 But I am aghast at how expensive some of the items are – items that could be obtained at W-Mart for much less. I chalk that up to the “they probably don’t know that” department. I have seen more tools and such on registries lately. I did used to always wonder why women got showers and men didn’t, so I don’t have any problem with some of the seemingly more masculine items there – and these days, women use a lot of power tools as well. But shoes and socks do seem beyond the purview of wedding gifts. I wonder if couple these days have no real idea of what a shower is for and just use registries as a gloried wish list for anything and everything. I can’t fathom making a registry public, either, but then they probably do get gifts from fans.

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