Holiday World for Guests Over 50

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Our extended family visits Holiday World theme park in southern Indiana each year. Although the park is primarily known for its roller coasters, I’ve never been a coaster rider. And while I wouldn’t call myself a senior citizen, I am over 50. You might wonder — is a theme park like Holiday World fun for someone over 50? Or is it really only worthwhile for children and teens?

Holiday World Rides

I enjoyed Holiday World each year. Here are some of the rides I enjoy as someone with a bit more life experience.

Gobbler Getaway Holiday World

Gobbler Getaway

Head over to the park’s Thanksgiving area, to the Gobbler Getaway.  You’ll board a car where you’ll be taken on a journey through a tale of a whole bunch of turkeys who got loose. You have a laser gun which you can use to “shoot” as many points of light in the ride as you can, to build a high score. My score is never too high, as I seem to not do too well at aiming or shooting. But that’s secondary. The ride is just peaceful and fun. You’d have fun just riding through it, not shooting at all. This is a fairly new ride for Holiday World, and I really like it. I consider it a Disney-like ride (peaceful, with a story theme), and I wish the park had more like it. Additionally, the Thanksgiving area is a bit off the main thoroughfare in the park, and is usually not very crowded. This last visit, I think I rode this ride four times.

Antique Cars

Holiday World Lewis & Clark Trail

Another activity perfect for those with more life experience is the antique cars, aka Lewis & Clark Trail at Holiday World. Just hop into a car and steer around the tree-lined track for a pleasant view of the park!



In the Halloween area of the park, the HallowSwings are a peaceful ride. These swings lift you up and take you on a calm journey. The breeze is a nice plus on hot and humid days, which southern Indiana has plenty of. In the Thanksgiving area, the Crow’s Nest is another gentle swings ride.

Holidog Express

Holiday World train

How about a nice relaxing train ride? That’s what you’ll get with the Holidog Express. Take a seat and enjoy a ride around the giant nursery rhyme figures which have been in the park since I was a child, in its Santa Claus Land days. A conductor even recites the rhymes as you pass by. My only regret here is that the ride is very short — under five minutes. I’d love a longer ride of this type that went around more of the park.


I enjoy attending shows at Holiday World each year. There’s a diving show which is about 30 minutes long, featuring divers who are amazing (at least from my perspective as a pretty much non-swimmer). They perform a variety of fancy dives, both from low platforms as well as from some way, way, way high up! And if you head over to the nearby Celebrations Theater, there are musical shows too, performed by singers and dancers recruited from the area. There are usually several show options — country, pop, gospel. Pick up a schedule when you first enter the park so you can plan your day around the shows you want to see.

Are you an adult who has visited Holiday World? Which rides and attractions are your favorites?






3 thoughts on “Holiday World for Guests Over 50

  1. That’s a great family picture with Santa! As you know, I’ve been to Holiday World a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree that people over 50 would like it. I remember liking the Antique Car ride. One of my grandsons was “driving” and acting silly. I have a picture somewhere of me in the back seat looking scared, like my grandson could actually wreck us!! The peaceful rides are for me since I get dizzy so easily.

  2. Great pictures of my kind of rides at a theme park such as Holiday World! Since I suffer from motion sickness if even in the back seat of a car, I avoid any fast circling bounce up and down type rides. In the day, Cedar Point near Toledo, OH was the place to go. In recent years, Disney World has been my only theme park experience. Even there, I am careful to choose the very tame rides! One time I actually went on the Space Mountain one at Disney, but never again. 🙂
    Your choice of the best rides for the over 50 crowd would suit me well! No more roller coasters for me after Silver Dollar City at Branson, and that was not even a huge one. Now that my own grandchildren are grownups with kids of their own, my theme park days are most likely over. I will leave that to the younger generation.

  3. If I could tolerate the walking, I’m sure I would enjoy some of the tamer rides. I didn’t even know they had things like that. That high up stuff is only for the birds, in my opinion. I’m glad you all had a good time. Does your mom take in the rides?

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