Menu Plan Monday 6/19/17

asiatic lily

Welcome to another summer Menu Plan Monday! It’s been a hot week here; around 90 every day. It looks like temps this week should be about ten degrees cooler, which I’m grateful for.

This past week the girls and I were busy helping with our church’s garage sale. It is huge. Really huge! This is its tenth year. It originally was just in the gym, and even then, there was a ton of stuff. But now it has grown to other rooms and hallways in the church. It’s really well done, with clothes sorted on tables by size, etc. The church took in $22,000 this year from it, which all goes to missions projects. So that was our fun this week. The girls (me too!) also love shopping at the sale. Really great deals to be had.

As for the photo at the top — the asiatic lily in my front garden bloomed! It was new last year, but it’s blooming even better this year. I love it!

flower on cactus

…and ignore the grass here (I’m working on getting it out, but it gets a little … prickly), but I was so excited when daughter #3 discovered that the cactus behind the house is blooming! That has never happened before!

This is really going to be an easy cooking week for me (which I love!). Here goes —

Monday: Spicy Potato Casserole  – from an Amish Cook column in our newspaper, and daughter #1’s favorite.

1.5 lb browned ground beef

1 pkg taco seasoning

1 small onion, diced

8 medium potatoes, boiled and shredded (or use a bag of hash browns)

4 T butter, melted

2 cups shredded cheese

1 t. salt

1 pint sour cream

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 soup can milk

2.5 cups crushed corn chips

Combine ground beef, taco seasoning and onion. Put mixture in bottom of 9 x 13 dish. Mix potatoes with butter, cheese, salt, sour cream and soup. Mix with milk. Spoon over hamburger mixture. Top with remaining chips. Bake 45 minutes at 350.

Tuesday: Daughter #2 has a restaurant she wants to go to. So, I think we will all head there for lunch (my husband is still out of town for work this week) and just eat cereal or whatever for dinner.

Wednesday: Broccoli Lasagna  — left over from last week

Thursday: Papa John’s pizza — that’s our favorite pizza place, and what great deals are listed here.

Friday: dinner at church — celebration for the garage sale 🙂

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

What’s new with you this week?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 6/19/17

  1. I made a pesto/pasta dish last week and it yielded a lot. So I eat some of that for my daily main meal. I also made a new recipe for Salmon cakes. Now for my salad – I can glean veggies from the garden, daily. I even take snow peas, break them in half and add them to my tossed salad. Seems like a great fiber source to me. Our church too is doing a garage sale. Yours yielded $22,000, you stated. Well we are giving ours away. No pricing involved. I am told you get in line and can fill two bags. If you want more, go to the back of the line and fill two more bags. People will be sorting items this week. Good Lord willing, I will go and help some with sorting. I’ve heard that antique dealers come and sweep over the antiques quickly but we will let God take care of that situation. Life evens out.

  2. I am so disorganized that I have no clue what we’ll be eating this week except to use up some fresh veggies to make salads. We’ll eat out on Tuesday evening though. Your pictures are beautiful. That cactus is a pear cactus. Before we downsized a couple of years ago, we had several large ones. We also had night-blooming (large white blooms only at night) and some crown-of-thorns (red, yellow and white) cacti.

  3. Ask me some time about the adventure your mom and I had one year with the prickly pear cacti. It’s one neither of us will ever forget!

  4. Sad to say, especially the day after Father’s Day, but we always had fun when Dad traveled! lol better food was a big part of it. He was very, very picky back then. He changed later in life thankfully. Have a great week!

  5. Years ago my children and I always enjoyed it when their Dad was out of town, because we could get fast food at McDonald’s with the “happy meals” and go eat at other places that he would disapprove of. 🙂
    This week I have no special meals planned. The fridge has some left-overs that are very unappealing to me now that with medication changes, I am almost never hungry. So far I have lost 10 lbs., which is a plus. Hopefully, I will get inspired to make something new and different tonight without potassium, since I am on a strict diet that eliminates 30 foods high in potassium. Not fun!

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