Menu Plan Monday 5/22/17

air boot fractured 5th metatarsal avulsion

Happy Menu Plan Monday, friends! So, my foot has a 5th metatarsal avulsion fracture. It should heal fine, but for the next four to six weeks, I’ll be sporting this walking boot. This leads to several changes in plans. Hopefully the girls can do a lot of help with watering/tending the garden. I’ll miss picking strawberries 🙁 I’m also using Click List at Kroger (I order online, then arrive at the store and they put my groceries into the trunk). I actually enjoy grocery shopping, so I’ll miss it. But for $4.99, it’s a good deal to have someone else do the legwork.

Daughter #2 offered to make two meals this week, which will be nice. Also, the big piano recital was yesterday, so piano lessons have ended for a while. After doing some online exercises for a few days (and going stir crazy), on Saturday I tried my stationary bike with the boot on, and it worked! Yay! If any of you have had a broken foot, ankle, etc., I’d love to hear any tips you gained!

bonsai repotting root over rock

Saturday morning, daughter #3 and I went to bonsai club for their spring show. A gentleman in the club helped her repot her root-over-rock plant. This guy is really interesting. He grew up with his missionary parents in Ecuador. If you remember the whole “Gates of Splendor” story about the missionaries who were killed there in the 1950s — slain pilot Nate Saint was the dad of Steve Saint, who was best friends with this guy while in high school.

pointe dance Edelweiss

Daughter #2 had her final dance recital, as a senior. She did an awesome job on her pointe solo, if I do say so 🙂

piano recital group

And, my annual piano recital was Sunday. This is one of my favorite events of the year, as the kids get an appreciative audience to hear them play.  We had a bit of everything, from “Moves Like Jagger” to “An American in Paris” to a Bach-like invention by Billy Joel. Really fun week!

Here’s the menu plan for this final week of the school year:

Monday Tuscan Chicken Soup — just tore it out of a magazine

Tuesday: leftover buffet — cleaning out the fridge

Wednesday: Daughter #2 cooks! Meatloaf and coffee cake

Thursday: Daughter #2 cooks again! Pizza Margherita and Petit Fours

Friday: Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks — these are really good! And Calico Beans 

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.

What’s new in your world this week or your kitchen?








6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 5/22/17

  1. I would have loved meeting the man who helped Daughter #3 with the bonsai replanting. I would have eaten that up. Glad Daughter #2 is helping you with the cooking. I trust you’ll have a good week.

    I’m also glad to hear that you’re taking advantage of Kroger’s deal to shop for you. Smart move.

  2. What a beautiful ballerina! You must be so proud of her. “Tore it out of a magazine” is a good source for a new dish. Love it.

  3. The picture of your ballerina daughter is gorgeous! Wow! And I enjoyed seeing the picture of you with your piano students. Your menu for the week sounds delicious, as always. It’s good that you are going to have assistance in meal prep. Our week of meals will be mostly hit and miss since it’s a real busy week for us with doctor, dental, eye glasses and hearing aids appointments!! Hoping to catch some meals on the run.

    You asked for tips gained from having a broken foot or ankle: you have come to the right lady!! My left leg and ankle were broken in an auto accident when I was just 19 years old. So through the years I have learned a lot in caring for them. First, be very careful where you walk. I always look ahead to be sure I won’t step on a rock or anything that might cause me to turn my ankle. Second, I always put my weight on my leg and ankle when I stand up and not jump up and take off. Third, since my left foot was badly bruised (not broken) I am careful about my shoes. With time, you might find that you can wear the shoes you always wore but I was not. Just something to keep in mind. Fourth, my podiatrist has cautioned me to never walk barefoot on hard surfaces like my ceramic tile floors, concrete, etc. Hope this helps you in some way. I am sorry about your accident.

  4. Ouch! I had a broken and dislocated toe a few months ago, but this sounds more extensive, and your boot is bigger than mine was. As much of a pain as mine was, I’m sure yours is even more so. I’ve often thought how funny it is that we’d love for someone to tell us to stay off our feet for a while – until we have to. I had to keep mine elevated as much as possible the first week, but they really didn’t give me any specific instructions after that, so I wasn’t sure how much to do or not do, so I just gradually worked back up to normal. Hope yours heals well and quickly. I have not tried the grocery services yet – a couple of stores here have that. I hate the amount of time shopping takes, so I should give this a try.

  5. Loved all of your pictures! The one with Sophie and the older gentleman was cool, and Isabel is absolutely gorgeous as a ballerina!! As for food, I hardly ever plan ahead for more than 2 or 3 days at a time, especially since I have only one person to cook for. The pizza on Thursday and bread sticks along with Calico beans on Friday made my mouth water. I love beans anyway and they are so good for you. Good luck with the foot! Try not to let it get up down. As the Bible promises, “This too will pass”.

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