Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Little People Hospital

Fisher Price Little People Hospital

Fisher Price Little People Hospital

I’ve posted several times about my childhood love of Fisher Price Little People and the toys that went with them. One summer, my parents offered my sister and me a choice: we could go on a vacation, or go to the store and choose a new Little People set. We chose the Fisher Price option, no doubt saving our parents a tonload of cash.

And we were left with the wondrous … Fisher Price Little People Hospital!

Little People Hospital

We brought the hospital home and I can still recall our excitement as we discovered all the wonders it held. The front opened down to reveal a lovely garden area where patients could enjoy the great outdoors, complete with a cobblestone path and a pond — with fish and frogs, of course.

Little People Hospital
There were all the details that make Fisher Price toys so great — a scale that really functions! An x-ray machine that actually shows bones when a person stands on it. Even the little mask on the nurse was just right.

Fisher Price Hospital elevator

One of the coolest features was the elevator. See how the nurse has entered on the ground floor? Just close the door, turn the red crank you see on the right, and in just a few seconds, the little dial up above turns to “2” and nurse arrives on the second floor! Who needed batteries with toys like this around?

Fisher Price Hospital

Up on the second floor, you can visit a patient, or see a new baby …

Little People vintage hospital

… back downstairs, there’s a surgery suite (check out the wonderful Fisher Price details — a viewing window, a supply cabinet, even the floor pattern). That red dot is a button you can pull that rings.

Little People vintage hospital

Out back, the ambulance is ready to be loaded and then driven into its garage.

We spent hours playing with this wonderful toy. And other than some of the paper cracking and the foam falling apart on the beds, it’s still in great shape for its 40+ year age.

Did you have any Fisher Price Little People toys when you were little?



6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Little People Hospital

  1. I doubt Fisher Price had even been invented when I was a child. I have to wonder if your parents were disappointed that they didn’t get to go on a vacation. I would have been, although I’m sure it was much less expensive to get the hospital than to go on vacation. I’d love to get their take on your decision.

  2. That is really a neat toy! Our granddaughter, Carter, has a doctor kit that she dearly loves. She runs around with her stethoscope around her neck eager to take anyone’s blood pressure, if they will sit still long enough. So cute! I should look into a hospital set like that for her. No doubt they are still around somewhere for sale. I never heard of Fisher-Price toys until the early 1960s when my children were young. Don’t think that they were around when I was growing up, and even if they had been available my parents could not have afforded to buy them. On the farm we had board games, but mostly we played outdoors back then. In the summer we would be out from morning to dusk for sure, and in winter we went ice skating and sledding quite a bit. I was a tomboy who loved being out and about!

  3. I don’t think I had any, but my younger brother did, and I loved to play with them with him. My favorite was the farm set. I was nearly 10 when he was born.

  4. I smiled through the entire blog today enjoying your comments and the sweet pictures. I do not recall my daughters having the hospital although they had some other Little People. I can see why you and your sister enjoyed these toys. They have so much to offer a child. Leona, I checked on eBay and there are both new and used Little People Hospitals available.

  5. We did, though I can’t remember what sets. My boys had several, but I don’t think I have ever seen the hospital. How cool! I esocially like the elevator.

  6. How cute is that! I had no idea there was a Little People hospital. If I were one of them, I would feel so taken care of! Love your memories!

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