Menu Plan Monday 5/15/17

homemade naan bread

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I hope all you ladies had a nice Mother’s Day. I played at my “organ church,” and they gave out a little jar of homemade lavender foot scrub, a packet of zinnia seeds, and a matching pen/notepad to each lady. I was impressed! One girl even ran some up to the balcony for me.

On Saturday, relatives came to visit and celebrate the girls’ birthdays. That is always enjoyable. Unfortunately, during the course of the afternoon I turned my foot stepping off a low curb and had a lot of trouble walking yesterday, and today as well. I’m hoping to have it looked at today (well, if possible after an event planned for months ends around noon) or maybe tomorrow. One thing I know is that it’s really a challenge to me when I can’t move. I realize how much I walk around and do things. I’m already missing being out in the garden, as well as my daily bike ride. Hopefully this will be short-lived …

Since I don’t think I can go to the grocery store this week, I’m trying to be creative: what can I make for dinners with things we already have on hand? Here’s what I’m coming up with:

Monday: Hamburger Helper — I have several boxes in the pantry for occasions just like this. Life will go on 🙂

Tuesday: Make your own pizza — I make crust, then each person puts on toppings of choice for their own individual pizzas.

Wednesday: Savory Bean and Spinach Soup — it’s good :). Also maybe homemade naan bread (see photo at the top; I made it a few weeks ago and we really liked it).

2 qt. chicken broth

1 #10 can diced tomatoes

1 #10 can northern beans

1/2 box long grain wild rice

1 large onion, diced

garlic powder



1/2 bag of fresh spinach

Parmesan cheese

Thursday: White Chicken Lasagna — a nice alternative to “regular” lasagna.

Friday: Hmmmm. I’m really not sure, and I’m not feeling too creative right now! Maybe check back in the week — or give me an idea! I would be happy to hear some!

You can find more menu plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s. What is new in your world this week?


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 5/15/17

  1. I’m pulling for you with all my strength. Here’s hoping you can find the right person who can “fix” this situation! God bless!!

  2. Please take care of your ankle/foot. I’ve had a bum ankle for many years and I know how painful it can be. Will be waiting to read that you are doing better. I, too, envy you those bike rides. I had to give up bike riding when I had a stroke in 2004 which affected my balance. I have missed it so much.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your injury, Susan. And it comes at such a busy time of the year for you. I trust the medical personnel will be able to help you. And if you can, take some Ibuprofen, but BE SURE to take it with food — not on an empty stomach.

  4. You have good meals planned in spite of your foot injury. All of them sound good to me, but the spinach and bean soup really takes my fancy. I have loved bean soup all of my life! Mom fixed it often, either that or baked beans made from scratch, probably because it was a cheap meal in the post-Depression era. Hope that you feel better soon!

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