Vacations for Travelers 50+

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This is a partnered guest post by Ryan Tyson.

Do you love to travel? As people grow older, they have more disposable income and more vacation days. For these reasons, taking a trip gets easier. Besides, every couple needs to spend some quality time together on a lovely vacation. Explore the following vacation activities for the over-50 crowd.

Cruises and Beaches

With much vacation time available to you, you can finally do something that you’ve probably dreamed about for most of your life. You can take an extended cruise around the world. Many major cruise companies offer trips that last 10 days or more, while some take a full month.

While you’re sailing around the world, you’ll enjoy amenities that include decadent buffets and plenty of shopping. You can also exit the boat to enjoy cultural and visitor attractions.

Alternately, you may want to get your feet in the sand. A beachfront vacation at a beach resort and spa is still the simplest way to guarantee a great time with your loved ones. You’ll enjoy many of the same benefits of a cruise ship without feeling trapped at sea.


Enjoying the great outdoors never gets old. As you age, the idea of camping feels a bit silly. You may not want to hang out in a rustic setting without modern conveniences such as electricity and the internet. When you’re trying to enjoy yourself, mosquito bites don’t send the right message. Thankfully, a better solution exists.

Glamping is short for glamour camping: you enjoy all the benefits of camping without the accompanying aggravations. Plenty of guides exist on how to glamp in style. The most important point to remember when you plan a glamping experience is that you want an idyllic backdrop for your trip, so choose something near a lake or waterfall.

Walt Disney World

You may perceive that the Most Magical Place on Earth is a place for parents with small children. That’s only true to some extent. More than 50 million people visited Walt Disney World in 2015.

Many visitors don’t have kids. Instead, they visit because they know that The Walt Disney Co. has constructed one of the best romantic getaways anywhere. Several of their resorts are AAA Four Diamond award winners, so you can spend time indulging in luxury while visiting Orlando, Florida.

When you travel to Walt Disney World, you can spend time at the back part of Epcot, known as the World Showcase. Here, 11 international pavilions celebrate the cultures of countries such as France, Mexico, and Japan. Epcot offers exotic cuisine from all parts of the world, and the adult beverage options are impressive, too.

The Walt Disney World campus also includes Disney Springs, home to dozens of restaurants and retail stores. With resorts, plentiful fine dining options, and shopping, a trip to Disney has everything you could want for a dreamy vacation, including the theme park rides.

Vacations never go out of style. Any of the options above will give you a wonderful escape with your loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Vacations for Travelers 50+

  1. Dream vacation? No crowds. Absolutely no kids. Anywhere. No jerks on cell phones. Lots of historic houses, quirky independent restaurants, interesting bookshops, art galleries, beautiful outdoor places, concerts with real bathrooms and not porta-pottys, and no one pretending to know about wine and smelling the cork, etc. No one going on and on about how wonderful Tuscany or Provence or Sanoma County are. And never a chain restaurant. Never. Ever. Yes, I’m an

  2. Loved your blog today and I chuckled out loud when I came to the part about Walt Disney World. I am sitting in a nice hotel on International Drive in Orlando as I type this waiting to meet up with a daughter who has been here this week at a job conference! We drove over to have dinner with her. Will stay overnight and she will fly back to Ohio tomorrow. We won’t be going through the Disney gates on this visit but we are so close!

  3. I am glad I have a family who enjoys vacationing with me! Etching out a time that works for a dozen people can be tricky, but it’s worked for us two times in recent years. It’s so fun to have the grandchildren, (cousins) together! I think cruises are wonderful! I know of no down side to ours! Looking forward to our next one!

  4. I pray I’ll get to go to Alaska before I die. That is probably at the top of my bucket list. We’ll see whether the Lord permits it to happen.

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