Eating at Be Our Guest at Disney World Magic Kingdom

Disney World Be Our Guest

My recent trip to Disney World gave me a chance to see some changes to the Magic Kingdom since I last visited.

Look here — just over the mountaintops, there’s Beast’s Castle!

Disney World Be Our Guest

It’s all another bit of Disney illusion — err, magic — because the inside of the castle (and actually the inside of all those mountains) is a restaurant, called Be Our Guest (Be Our Guest, of course, is a nod to the Beauty and the Beast theme, being the title of a song from the movie).

Be Our Guest is a counter-serve restaurant; not a sit-down-and-order place. But although it’s “quick serve,” there’s not a lot quick about it. Probably because it is new, the place fills up quickly. The day we ate there, I stood in line 90 minutes before the line reached the door.

Disney World Be Our Guest gargoyle

Disney does make the waiting more palatable with all the fun-to-see details, like this gargoyle lining the way.

Disney World Be Our Guest

Once inside, there are more visual delights. We are in Beast’s Castle, after all!

After ordering your meal (there are several options, all described on a menu card you’re given when you enter), you can choose among three large dining rooms to sit in.

Disney World Be Our Guest

Here’s the huge, “main” dining room. It’s like a ballroom. Check out the lovely ceiling detail, and the chandeliers! If you walk up to those windows in the back, you’ll see it “actually” snowing! Amazing to think that even with rooms of this size, there was a 90-minute wait …

Disney World Be Our Guest Beast dining room

If you want a darker ambiance, you may opt for Beast’s room. Near the window, you’ll even find the famous rose from the story, in its glass case …

Disney World Be Our Guest Beast rose

We decided to sit in the third room — lovely, but a bit less overwhelming than the main ballroom, while still be light enough to see what we were eating. In the center, Belle and Beast spin in a constant dance.

Disney World Be Our Guest Beast Belle dancing

Our food was delivered quickly, by a waiter with a wheeled cart. He opened up the curved silver lid to reveal our entrees:

Disney World Be Our Guest food quiche

I opted for salad and quiche, which was good.

Disney World Be Our Guest food cupcake

One of the things I love about Disney is that there ALWAYS seems to be dessert. My choice (of course, if you know me) was the most chocolate cupcake offered!

Disney World Be Our Guest stained glass window

Note the lovely stained glass window on the way out …

…and you’re back in the “real world” — of course, still the Disney version.

Have you eaten at Be Our Guest? What did you think?




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  1. Alas, I have yet to set foot inside Disney, so, no, I haven’t eaten at the Be Our Guest restaurant.

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