Karen Pence and Her Platform as Second Lady

Mike, Karen, Charlotte Pence with pet cats rabbit

I have to admit it: I love Karen Pence.

Part of it is that she, like me, is a Hoosier. Part of it is her down-to-earth nature, and the way she just looks like a regular woman. Melania and Ivanka Trump are gorgeous, no doubt, but most of us can relate better to Karen. She’s also a teacher, as I was. She’s a Christian, and she has a rabbit as a pet (named Marlon Bundo, if you’re curious)! This is a woman I can fully appreciate.

Now that she’s Second Lady of the US, Mrs. Pence has a huge platform. How will she use it?

Karen Pence’s Spotlight Issue

It probably comes as no surprise that Mrs. Pence is interested in art. After all, she is a former elementary school art teacher. Her spotlight issue ties in well with this: advocacy of art therapy.

What, exactly, is art therapy? It’s not “arts and crafts,” Mrs. Pence says. Instead, the field uses techniques that help patients with physical and mental issues to have more control of their lives. The goal of art therapy is to improve or restore functioning and a sense of well-being.

Mrs. Pence was also involved in art therapy advocacy in her prior role as Indiana’s first lady. She is an artist herself, specializing in painting watercolors of homes and historical buildings. Karen has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in elementary education from Butler, with an undergrad minor in art. She has served on the board of Tracy’s Kids, an art therapy program for young cancer patients.

Don’t look for Karen Pence pushing for funding on this issue; she sees her role more as one of educational awareness of art therapy.

Karen and Mike Pence and daughter Charlotte in Germany, 2017

Karen and Mike Pence and daughter Charlotte in Germany, 2017


Have you noticed Mrs. Pence and art therapy in the news lately?





5 thoughts on “Karen Pence and Her Platform as Second Lady

  1. The poor lady! I’ve heard nothing but negatives about her and the other Republicans. I had no idea she is interested in art therapy. I feel so sorry for her and Vice President Pence and the Trump family. If I were they, I’d want to crawl into a hole and cover myself with something, I’m not sure what.

    I find it incredible that after all these months, Americans are still not ready to accept the presidency, and thus the vice-presidency, of the men that were elected to that position. Such a bunch of spoil sports. Can you imagine what would have happened if this had been during the previous administration?

  2. I have not heard about her art therapy platform either. I can easily relate to her since I was born a Hoosier and even though I have not lived there since 1962, I still consider it home. I agree completely with Elaine regarding the treatment of the elected President and Vice President.

  3. I may not always agree with him, but I do believe he is sincere in his faith and in his faithfulness to his wife. I like her cause–art therapy is great. (We offer a Master’s by the way….) An aside–that cat doesn’t look like he trusts “Daddy…” just sayin’ lol

  4. Previously I did read about her and art therapy but actually it sort of slipped my mind since then. Like her husband, she seems to have her head screwed on straight. She sounds like a very nice person to me. I am proud of the Pence family! They put Indiana in a good spotlight!

  5. I also agree with Elaine’s post above! It is truly terrible that almost 6 months after the Presidential Election, the Democrats are busy obstructing almost everything and still whining about their loss. As I heard Megan McCain say on The Five tonight, “Now they know how I felt for the past 8 years of Obama.”
    That’s for sure, and if the Republicans would have acted like the Snowflakes and Dems of today, there would have been hell to pay!
    I wasn’t aware of Karen Pence’s cause either. It’s no wonder since positive things like art therapy don’t have a chance to be heard, mainly due to the leanings of the media. Will things ever get back to normal? I very much doubt it. Sad.

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