Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels

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During my first year of teaching, in 1989, one of my sixth grade students was a sweet girl named Christy Miller. Later, I began attending a church where her dad was the pastor. Over the years, it was fun to keep up with Christy. One of my daughters and I attended her wedding, where she became Christy Cabe. In the past decade, it’s been fun to share a mutual love of writing. I was honored when Christy asked if I’d review her autobiography, which has just come out: Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels.

Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels

You might wonder how much a young lady in her 30s could have to say. But in Christy’s case, it’s quite a lot. When Christy was just 11, her mother died suddenly — on Good Friday, in fact. Years later, when her son had just turned two, I remember feeling shocked when he was diagnosed with leukemia. The chapter in the book where Christy describes Carson’s diagnosis was devastating to read. I felt that I was right there with her. There are many more tales that Christy tells as well,  from loss and leukemia to mold and miscarriage.

She uses food as a theme, relating foods that have been memorable in her life to the various life events. And shining throughout in the book is a life-affirming sweetness. You might think that a book dealing with such “heavy” topics would be depressing, but I always felt a sense of hope and encouragement while reading it. Christy has a strong faith, which shines through as you read. She writes, “I find value in even the tiniest of crumbs.”

While I was reading “Brownie Crumbs,” I read an article online that tied into both Christy’s challenges, as well as those we all will face in life:

“Maybe the greatest earthly good God will do through the things you have suffered will be in someone else’s life, and not your own. As Paul writes, “[Blessed be the] God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction” (2 Corinthians 1:3–4).

None of us asks for that kind of ministry, but it is a beautiful and necessary ministry, to which God calls many. Joseph counted all of his suffering worth it compared with all God did through it for others — every malicious intent in his brothers, every act of mistreatment in slavery, every unjust day in jail. Do you treasure the good God does for others through you that much?”

“Brownie Crumbs” has a strong emphasis on life and its various aspects. Christy relates the story of a neighbor enjoying hearing her children playing outside: “life being lived.” She notes that, while dealing with Carson’s leukemia, the thought came to her that even our entire lives on this earth are just one season of what we’ll experience. I liked that thought.

I recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy an encouraging, faith-affirming story.


Christy has kindly offered to give away a copy of her book. She’ll provide the winner with their choice of a paperback or Kindle version. Enter below; good luck!

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16 thoughts on “Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels

  1. Sounds like a book I would enjoy. How wonderful that you know the author. She sounds like a woman who fully understands why all of us are on our short journey here on earth. A great review!

  2. Sounds like Christy has lots of life experiences for a woman of her age. I pray that her book does well and ministers to a lot of people!

  3. I’ve often thought that the suffering we experience may not be so that we can learn lessons from it, but rather, so that others may learn lessons from it. With that in mind, suffering takes on an entirely different perspective.

  4. What a wonderful connection for this review! I love books that are self-inspiring and focus on positivity like this. Thank you for offering a giveaway! I was just stopping by from 5-minutes for books!

  5. This book would be a wonderful contribution to my collection of books by people I know and other Indiana authors! As a 5th grade teacher at NW Elementary in Huntington Co., I also had Christy for a student the year that her Mother went to her Heavenly Home. Therefore, I hope that I am the winner of this contest. Either way, I definitely want to read a hard copy of the book, since I do not have Kindle.
    Wish me luck! 🙂

  6. For decades I have heard about Christy! I have felt anxiety over your son’s illness. Your dad is a wonderful minister! Your stepmother made a quilt block for a baby quilt for one of Susan’s daughters. Christy, I hope you have great success as an author!

  7. I would like to read this story to help me when hard times come and to stay inspired.

  8. I love the meaning of this book. On first glance, I thought it was a recipe book and after reading, it’s much much deeper. I’ve been feeling down and depressed recently. This book would definitely help pick me up. Thanks for the chance.

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