Menu Plan Monday 4/24/17

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday! It was a nice weekend here; daughter #3 and I went to a bonsai workshop. We watched the “expert” style various club member’s plants.

bonsai workshop

This lady brought in a big clump of something, and the guy helped her separate it out into a “forest” of about six little plants. It looked really nice!

The coming week is busy too. We’re already gearing up for all the spring events that culminate in May with the end of the school year. This week begins two weeks of all three girls’ birthdays too, with daughter #3 turning 16!

Here’s out menu plan:

Monday: Ginger Salmon with Sesame Cucumbers — new recipe. Last weekend, on the way to our Easter destination, I read through several magazines and tore out several recipes that looked promising. This week’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday recipes are all new ones from magazines.

Tuesday: Southwest Chicken Lasagna — I made two of these a couple of weeks ago, so one is coming out of the freezer. I have to accompany a girl at an audition at dinnertime. Frozen meals are perfect for nights like this.

Wednesday: Pasta with Walnut Pesto and Peas — I’ll probably use basil pesto rather than walnut as I don’t think any of us likes walnuts.

Thursday: Daughter #3 has selected Papa John’s pizza and “good ice cream” as her birthday meal. I am quite happy to not have to cook 🙂 “Good” ice cream probably involves something chocolate with lots more chocolate mix ins.

Friday: Coconut Curry Chicken and Chickpeas –– I never use chicken thighs though; I’ll use breasts instead.

More menu plan ideas at OrgJunkie‘s. How was your weekend?



5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 4/24/17

  1. Thanks for a heads up that a birthday is coming this Thursday! As to your cooking – I LOVE chickpeas!

  2. This past week we have had two sets of company so we’ll be eating leftovers for a few days. I had frozen some of the leftover meats (roasted chicken, pulled pork) so will have those plus am planning to make yellow split pea soup with small ham chunks. I make enough for two meals. Should be an easy week for cooking since we are eating out tonight before some of the company go back to Illinois on Tuesday. A very happy birthday to your daughter! Sweet 16!!

  3. How long now till graduation? Prom was Saturday here–hard to believe we are totally DONE with that stuff still! Too bad on the curry–thighs have a much richer flavor even if you buy them boneless and skinless.

  4. I hope you’ll have a great day on Thursday, celebrating Daughter #3’s birthday. Her menu sounds wonderful to me. Papa John’s pizza is my favorite pizza.

  5. Happy Birthday to Sophie on Thursday! Nothing compares to the “Sweet 16” birthday, since it is such a hallmark for special things, such as a driver’s license, etc..
    All of this week’s meals appeal to me! Trying new recipes is always a fun thing to do. I am very “picky” about the ingredients before I ever try anything new. Often I find Amish Cook recipes in the local newspaper that inspire me. Right now I have one that requires fresh sausage for a casserole dish, so as soon as I get the chance I will be heading down to John’s Meat Market here in my hometown to purchase that ingredient.

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