Menu Plan Monday 4/17/17

Happy Menu Plan Monday, everyone! I hope you had a nice Easter. We returned from visiting out of state very late last night, so forgive this post for not being up to snuff.

Passion Walk

Saturday night, we went to a Passion Walk at my mother-in-law’s church. You walk through various scenes as the story of Jesus’ crucifixion is reenacted. It’s a good way to get yourself into the spirit of the weekend.

(just discovered someone posted a video walk-through online!)

Easter dinner buffet

On Easter Sunday, there was church, followed by a carry-in get-together that the extended family always has. I made Easter popcorn, and while I don’t even really like popcorn all that much, I started munching on it on the way there, and I have to say it was really tasty. You could easily modify it for other seasons and holidays if you like.

So, Menu Plan for the week. Well, tonight will be leftovers. There are quite a few things in the fridge, and I always like having a low key meal like this following a trip. It’s just less stress. I’m not totally sure about the rest of the week, but I’m thinking about Taco Tater Tot Casserole and Cheese Steak Quesadillas. I’ll be back to a more normal type posting next Monday, promise!

More menu plan ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.How was your weekend?




6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 4/17/17

  1. The Passion Walk sounds interesting. I’ve not heard of that before.

    I trust your week will settle down to normal.

  2. Would love to attend a Passion Walk. The Stations of the Cross is a beautiful service which commemorates Christ’s passion from when he is sentenced to death until his crucifixion. Had a quiet Easter but a busy week coming up. Getting two sets of company so am planning those meals.

  3. Glad to hear that your Easter was good! Ours was very special this year, because our new pastor makes every sermon interesting and relevant to the season or theme. The Easter breakfast at church is always outstanding with this menu: ham, bacon, sausage patties, pancakes, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit cups, and an Easter punch and coffee. Scrumptious!

    The Easter celebration at Julie’s was also extra-special this year with the three 2-year-olds hunting Easter eggs in the yard on such a perfect day. Temperature was in the high 70s here. Each family contributed to the Easter meal. Landon brought deviled eggs that had some horseradish in them (good but a bit spicy), Ian made wonderful homemade crescent rolls from scratch (Christie said that it took him all day) and Christie made brownies with extra chocolate chips, frosting, and a fresh strawberry decorated in orange frosting to look like a carrot on top of each piece. Kate brought a fruit and vegetable tray with dipping sauce, and I took California blend casserole (requested by Julie) and a butterscotch pie.
    No, I didn’t make the pie from scratch :), but it came from Heyerly’s Bakery in Ossian, IN. You would never guess that it wasn’t homemade. None of the little ones were sick for a change, and 3-week-old Vivian slept through the whole event.

  4. One of the Brauns Eastered with me. For that reason, I did a lot of weekend cooking. I prepared chicken a different way three days. One thing I tried I found in a magazine as I waited in Bloomington for my guest to come to my car. I intended to fix aspargus anyway, but this recipe said to cut it up, add button mushrooms, some garlic and a little olive oil and roast it at 500 degrees until done. I did that. It turned out well. Never in my life have I baked food at 500 degrees!

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