Groza Roots Booster Strategic Vocabulary Building: Review

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How is your vocabulary? A person’s vocabulary is one of the things I notice about them. Do they use — and seem to understand — a wide variety of words? Is their vocabulary diverse, or do they fall back on using the same terms over and over? It’s probably my education background that makes me view people this way, but I have a feeling I’m not alone. Truthfully, we’re all judged in some regard on the vocabulary we use. As a test, think about Facebook for a moment. I’m pretty sure you could tell me a few people you’re friends with there who have good vocabularies, and a few who don’t. It comes across.

Groza Roots Booster

If you’d like to improve your vocabulary, Groza Roots Booster is a great place to start. This 193-page workbook focuses on teaching word roots. I think this is a great strategy. Each of my girls had a school program where they were taught hundreds of word roots in grades 4-8. I think this had made a big difference in helping them build large vocabularies.

The book consists of 12 chapters. For each, you’ll look over the roots and meanings listed. You’ll take a quiz over them, then work through a described study plan that week. This involves creating a study guide for each root, and completing a surprise study activity. Finally, there’s an application quiz at the end of the chapter which involves determining the meaning of words based on the roots they contain.

Groza Roots Booster

Vocabulary Building for All Ages

No specific age is listed for the Groza Roots Booster. But I can see it being helpful for pretty much any age, from maybe middle school through adults. It would be wonderful as a guide to prepare for the SAT or other standardized tests.

You can work your way through this study in 12 weeks, making it perfect for summer vacation.

Do you have any favorite ways to build your vocabulary?



4 thoughts on “Groza Roots Booster Strategic Vocabulary Building: Review

  1. I have built my vocabulary by reading widely and by studying a foreign language.

  2. My vocabulary is decent, but the book that you speak of would likely help. I think that it is a great idea for any age! Thanks for letting us know about it.

  3. This is something that could benefit everyone. I’ve worked with college grads who could have used something like this to help them get ahead in their jobs. Since I had to proofread everything that went to the boss for signature, I found if the employees spoke well, they also wrote well.

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