Menu Plan Monday: Easter Week

Sunken Gardens Huntington

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Here, spring break has just wrapped up. The weather wasn’t very springlike, unfortunately, until yesterday when things improved. Youngest daughter visited Washington DC with her band and enjoyed that. We also visited a few sites close to home on Saturday, one being the Sunken Gardens shown above, in an old quarry. It’s a really pretty place.

Huntington outhouses

Daughter #2 had also read online about a place nearby where the owner has collected old outhouses. So we drove by there as well (and walked around a little, although it was pretty muddy).

Hanson Aggregates quarry

I guess our day had kind of a quarry theme, as we ended the day by stopping by another quarry a few miles from our house. I learned about this place years ago, when I read about it in the newspaper. A mom had mentioned it as a good place to show to young kids, and it is kind of amazing to look into. It’s one of those places where you feel very small, seeing the vastness of everything out there.

So, there are now just six weeks remaining of piano lessons for me, and seven weeks of school. It will go quickly, no doubt. Here is the menu plan for the week:

Monday: White Chicken Chili — a nice alternative to “regular” chili, and a good choice for Monday — always a busy day.

Tuesday: Lentil Loaf — a good meatless entree.

Wednesday: State Fair Subs — I made these a month or so ago, and they were really good!

Thursday: BBQ Chicken Ranch Casserole — another recipe I’ve made a few times over the past year or so. Really good.

Friday: tortellini — I found a bag in the pantry. I’ll boil them and serve with tomato sauce, and probably make some green beans too. They are on sale for .99/lb this week at the grocery. Green beans are one vegetable I really have to have fresh. I really don’t like canned vegetables of almost any kind, and I don’t like frozen green beans. They squeak in my teeth in a strange way.

More menu plan ideas at OrgJunkie‘s. Happy Easter, everyone! What are your plans for the week?



5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Easter Week

  1. I made a new recipe yesterday to eat this week. It came from my Jay C Store, along with coupons. You take 8 cabbage leaves, boil them and then fill them with a mixture and bake at 400 degrees. I ate one and look forward to enjoying the other 7 this coming week. It’s good healthy food, too!

  2. Isn’t it amazing the sites you can visit nearby? That quarry is enormous! I have no idea what we’ll eat this week but there are leftovers of baked fish and crock pot pork roast so we’ll start with that. I am so busy with getting ready for two sets of company next week. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday afternoon and a dental appointment on Wednesday afternoon. We’ll attend church services on Holy Thursday evening and Good Friday afternoon. So it’s a busy week.

  3. I agree with you about green beans. I can’t eat canned ones unless they’re dressed up as green bean casserole or something like that. I do love them fresh though. I haven’t had them like that in a month or so because at this point in my life, I just don’t feel up to fixing them. Soon, though …

  4. Enjoyed your pictures! Have you ever visited the Erie Stone Quarry just east of Huntington near Lake Clare? It is pretty neat, too. I agree with everyone else about the green beans! I will eat canned ones occasionally when fresh ones are not in season, but those frozen ones are GROSS. I know what Susan means about how frozen ones squeak between your teeth. Not a pleasant experience!

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