Childhood Memories Friday: Inside my Old Suitcase

1970 child suitcase

The things you find in the basement: today, my childhood suitcase. Circa 1970? What memories.

The awesome “click” of the latch as you pushed it aside and the fastener popped up. And the inside …

1970 child suitcase

That awesome silver paisley print: nothing says 1970s like paisley. I think the messy area held a mirror, which is no longer there. And of course the Queenie Bee sticker. I was very selective with my stickers as a child. You wouldn’t find me slapping a dozen onto a sheet of paper just for fun; no, not me! I waited until I had a special place for them. This Queen Bee sticker, being a large one, required a very special location. A location like … maybe inside my suitcase, where I could view it each time I traveled (not that I traveled much, mind you).

1970 child handkerchiefs

Of course, the suitcase was not empty. It was filled with things like these fun childhood handkerchiefs. I do remember using these as a child (did people use Kleenex around 1970?), and remember also thinking that it was pretty gross to put them into the laundry, full of boogers which must inevitably adhere to the other clothes in there somehow …

1964 Bible

Then we have this little lamb, part of a lamp used in my childhood. And not one but TWO New Testaments — one from our church pastor, presented at my birth, the other from commenter Elaine (my aunt) when I was about 5. Inside this one, I’ve written “BIBLE” in pencil and then tried to erase it (probably realizing that my childish handwriting didn’t look suitably professional for God’s Word).

Moving on, we have a jar full of shells I collected during my first viewing of the Atlantic Ocean, in 1973. There’s a headscarf I made in my first year of 4-H (does anyone wear headscarves these days?). And even a little toy knife, maybe from Cracker Jack back in the days when the prizes in the boxes were actually cool? I loved how the little blade went in and out.

What to do with all these little treasures? I face my typical dilemma. I’ve kept all these basically useless things for so long that, at this point, it feels wrong to dispose of them. I pack them back into the suitcase, and back to the basement they go …





7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Inside my Old Suitcase

  1. Wow! Do these things bring back memories!! Most of them I’ve seen dozens of times.

  2. Your somewhat vintage suitcase was full of surprises! I have wondered about the boogery handkerchiefs before myself. As a girl I often wore headscarves, mostly on windy days or in the winter. My house was back a long lane, so warm clothes, scarves, and mittens were essential for waiting on the school bus that my uncle drove. He would not wait for you, so you had to be prompt and ready. It is truly amazing how much you can remember about each personal item! My treasures are mainly upstairs at my house, so I do not take the time to peruse them very often. I suppose that my travel albums are among my most-treasured items.

  3. What a cute suitcase! I enjoyed your blog so much today reading about your precious childhood treasures. I was made to wear headscarves as a child. I hated them but had no choice. I eventually ended up with a stocking cap and I didn’t like that either, but at least I was in style!! I saved a handkerchief from my childhood. It’s navy with a scalloped white edge and has my name embroidered in white. A favorite cousin gave it to me. I don’t think I ever used it though.

  4. Children’s hankys are treasures! The headscarf was made from a remnant of fabric that came from a dress made for Aunt Elaine by somebody. I think Aunt Elaine and Aunt Mary Ellen gave you the lamb nightlight maybe for a baby gift at your birth. I’ll never forget my first time to view the Atlantic Ocean and wade in it. I nearly cried, thinking about my ancestors traveling the same waters, coming to America! It was a treat for ME to view your suitcase and its contents! Thank you

  5. Sweet memories. I have some treasures,but I’m done to the”essential ones” after so many moves.

  6. Cute little handkerchiefs! Yes, people used tissues in the 1970s – I don’t think I have ever used a handkerchief…except in ironing something crafty that needed something between the iron and the piece. Somehow my husband had some on hand with which to do that, though I have never seen him use a handkerchief, either. Sometimes in old movies when a man offers a woman a handkerchief when she’s crying, and she wipes her eyes and nose and hands it back to him, I think, “Ewww!”

    I do remember when Cracker Jacks had cool prizes, too, as did some kind of hot cereal – I can’t remember if it was oatmeal or Malt-o-Meal.

    The scarf might be good for use in a play, if anyone is doing a play from a time when women did wear head scarves.

    Always hard to know what to do with treasures like that.

  7. I loved reading about your memories. I have a handkerchief and New Testament given to me by my great grandmother. They are in a special box.

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