Happy Easter Decor

Easter Egg Tree

Barbara posted about a week ago, showing pretty Easter decor at her house. Her post gave me the idea to do the same thing. I kind of hesitate to do this, because we’re living in a Pinterest world where everyone apparently has gorgeously-decorated houses with over-the-top displays that I could certainly never aspire to. The thought has occurred to me many times in recent years that I am ridiculously glad I got engaged, married, had babies, and raised young kids in an earlier era. It’s just too much pressure to do everything 1000%.

But back to the topic at hand. I do enjoy decorating for Easter. Most all of my decor comes from my childhood. I’ve never been one to go out and buy new holiday decorations every few years. The same items come out year after year, and I like it that way. There’s a sense of security and familiarity that accompanies my Easter stuff — and my Christmas stuff.

Easter Egg Tree

Up at the top, there’s the Easter Egg Tree.My grandpa gathered and painted the stick, so it’s pretty old. The ornaments are a variety — many my mom made, some friend/commenter Leona gave to me (I think from when she got rid of some of her teaching decorations), others from here and there. The painted black/red Ukrainian egg is from college friends, Robert and Cynthia. The white/black chicken was mine from childhood. The crocheted chicken sitting at the base is something I made when I was younger. I made tons of these, and sold them in a burst of entrepreneurial enthusiasm. You put them over a plastic egg.

Most of my Easter decor is in the foyer, where my piano students always enjoy seeing what’s new. Many of them want to touch the tree, which always makes me a little nervous because it’s not real stable. At least once, the whole thing has come down while being “explored” by a student. Ah well.

Easter decor

Here’s the top of the foyer table. Lots of little things here; that brown glass bunny was mine as a child and I LOVED him. I remember one year begging my mom to let me keep him out after Easter. She didn’t let me, and I seem to remember even trying to hide him.

Easter decor vintage 1960s chick viewmaster egg house

Here’s a close-up of a few other items. The little Easter egg house is cool — you look through the little window, hold it up to the light, and see an Easter scene. Push a button on the bottom, and another scene appears — like a ViewMaster. And I loved little hopping chick too. He doesn’t hop too far these days, but he still has a sweet, vintage look.

Easter decor Bird Brain bunny redwork

And here’s the table’s lower level. You’ll see all my new and childhood Easter books. I like them, and often a waiting piano student will look through them too. I’ve had Muslim and Jewish piano students, and sometimes I stress over them looking at a — gasp — Christian-themed book, but anymore I don’t even care much. I figure if they pick something up and look at it, it’s their choice and not mine.

The embroidery piece with bunnies is one of my favorite things I’ve embroidered in the past several years (which isn’t really saying a lot; I haven’t made too many things).

There are other things here and there, but those are the main items. Do you decorate for Easter? Do you have a favorite piece, either new or from your childhood?





6 thoughts on “Happy Easter Decor

  1. I enjoyed reading that Grandpa found the branch and spray painted it for you. Good memories.

  2. I loved seeing this! You have nothing to fear re Pinterest, but even so, I enjoy much more seeing what’s in real homes and hearing the stories behind them rather than having decor just for decor. I also enjoy things with a history. I don’t have much from my childhood – honestly, I can’t think of anything just now, though I think there must be something. So I’ve collected or been given bits and pieces along the way. It will be fun to pass these on to kids and see what they liked and remembered best (though with 3 boys and 1 grandson, I don’t know if they are into decorations as much. 🙂 I love that Easter tree and the ornaments! That embroidered piece is really nice. too.

  3. I used to do more Easter decorating than now since it’s just my hubby and me. His aunt in Indiana did ceramics and through the years sent us many lovely Easter decorations, most of which I have passed down to our daughters. Many were painted to match their rooms when they were growing up. So precious. I love your egg tree and the lovely embroidered piece. They are really pretty and meaningful to you and your family. I have always embraced the Easter season and its meaning. Growing up, I always got an entire new Easter outfit to wear to church. Since I wore a lot of hand-me-downs, I looked forward to and appreciated the new clothes so much. I wish you and your family a Blessed Easter.

  4. Love your little “Viewmaster” egg! I don’t do much, but I am going to put some White House wooden Easter eggs (gifts from my aunt) in a goblet on the dining room table, as well as my white bunny salt and pepper shakers!

  5. It makes me happy to see your beautiful Easter items. I am glad you appreciate them and are taking such good care of them over the years! Tradition and sentimentality both rank high with me! Some bunnies I love to get out were my mother’s families and remind me of my childhood Easters.

  6. Love your many Easter items! The vintage look suits me well, too. The Easter egg tree looks so delicate and special, especially since so many of them are sentimental for you and your family. As a teacher, I always went all out on every imaginable holiday as an excuse to decorate. My students always seemed to enjoy it. When my own children were young, I also decorated each season at home, too, but now I no longer climb up in the garage attic to retrieve my goodies. Life has changed greatly for me, largely due to my husband’s stroke and 2-year bout with cancer, but I really enjoyed seeing your Easter collection. 🙂

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