Childhood Memories Friday: Teletubbies

Teletubbies Laa-Laa

Teletubbies Turn 20!

The other day I read online that the Teletubbies TV show is 20 years old this year.

Wow, that made me feel old.

Because Teletubbies began the year daughter #1 was born. I remember first learning about the show, which was controversial since it was aimed at babies. The horrors! Parking a baby in front of a TV! However, I did let my daughter watch (most of the time I watched with her). It was 30 minutes of fun, I’d watched TV as a child with no ill effects that I was aware of, and, as a teacher, I even saw some educational value there. After all, where else could I expose her to strange colorful creatures who lived in a land where the sun was a baby’s face? Where there were creatures like a Noo-Noo?

Teletubbies birthday

We both loved it. Here is her 2nd birthday, celebrated in Teletubby style.


Teletubbies Laa-Laa

Daughter #2 loved the Tubbies too (I couldn’t find a photo of daughter #3 with them; typical?).

Re-watching the show opening (below) is nostalgic. The show was just good, simple fun, teaching basic language and counting, getting along, etc. Did it hook my kids on TV? Well, no. In fact, none of the three of them watch much of any TV. With all the electronic gadgets at kids’ fingertips these days, a 30-minute TV show like this looks almost quaint.

Did your kids watch Teletubbies?



5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Teletubbies

  1. I have not thought about the Teletubbies in awhile. They were cute and colorful so I can see how they would appeal to little ones. Cute to see your first two children as wee ones, again. How fast go the days. I wish parents realized this when their children are at home…

  2. I loved the pictures of your daughters. How precious! No, my girls are too old for Teletubbies but some of my younger grandkids watched it. I was aware of the show but never watched it. Nice to be reminded of it!

  3. Yes “the younger one” (too embarased to give a name) did as long as they were on! Lol My how birthday parties have changed! I was in a Kroger-sized kid party store this week!!

  4. My boys were too old when this came along. We didn’t have a t.v. for a while, but when we did, they enjoyed Mr. Rogers and when they were a little older, the one about Math, can’t remember the name of it, but it was usually very clever in teaching math concepts, using game show formats, an ongoing comedy/mystery solved with math, and other things. Oh, Square One!

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