#RitterSport Chocolate Party

#RitterSport chocolate creation

Ritter Sport

Have fun with your friends and enjoy life — a great motto, right? That’s the idea behind Ritter Sport chocolate.

Have you ever heard of Ritter Sport? I confess that I hadn’t. But, when #Tryazon sent me an email inviting me to apply to host a party introducing guests to these chocolates, I had to say yes.

#RitterSport chocolate

I love the German on the side of the box!

There are many things I love about Ritter Sport chocolates. First, they’re a German company. My heritage is German. I studied German in high school and college. I’ve visited Germany twice, and I’ve written a book about a famous German king. Of course, I also love chocolate. So really, I feel like Ritter Sport was kind of created just for someone like me! I’m really not sure how it had escaped my radar up until now.

#RitterSport chocolate

There are so many varieties of Ritter Sport chocolate. They’re all unique: many have fillings inside (I loved strawberry-filled). Look at the little “mountains” on this dark chocolate type. And of course, dark chocolate is good for you, so you can feel good about indulging.

#RitterSport chocolate

A Bit of History

So, let’s get on to the party. We had participants of all ages, from kids to seniors. And every one loved the Ritter Sport chocolate!  Being a teacher, I had to start things off with a few interesting facts about the company. Did you know …

  • The Ritter family started the company in 1912, in Bad Cannstatt, Germany. The “sport” name origin is interesting. They’d noticed that regular candy bars didn’t fit easily into a man’s suit jacket. Ritter “Sport” bars were made in a square shape to fit perfectly into a sport coat pocket!
  • Ritter Sport’s slogan is “Quality. Chocolate. Squared” (or, for German aficionados, “Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.”).
  • The chocolate squares come in a unique package: you can “snap” the chocolate along break lines, eat just as much as you want, and then reseal the package for later.
  • Ritter Sport uses 100% pure Alpine milk — 25% more than prescribed by food law requirements. I can testify to its creamy, delicious taste. I remember just how delicious the chocolate tasted when I visited Germany. Not surprisingly, this chocolate tastes just like that!

#RitterSport chocolate

Taste Testing Ritter Sport

Then, we did some taste testing. I wish I could give each of you some samples, too! But I’ll have to do the next-best thing — give you a listing of the many delicious varieties:

  • Milk Chocolate with Honey Salt Almonds
  • Milk Chocolate with Macadamia
  • White chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts
  • Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit — remember that in Europe, biscuit = cookie
  • Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes — sounds odd, but it’s similar to a crunch bar
  • Milk chocolate with Whole Almonds
  • Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts — like Nutella!
  • Alpine Milk Chocolate
  • Extra Fine Milk Chocolate
  • Fine Extra Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cocoa Mousse
  • Dark Chocolate with Marzipan
  • Milk Chocolate with Rum, Raisins and Hazelnuts
  • Milk Chocolate with Raisins and Hazelnuts
  • Espresso with Robust Arabica Coffee
  • Milk Chocolate with Praline
  • Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Creme
  • Milk Chocolate with Coconut
  • Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Pieces
  • White Chocolate with Hazelnut Pieces
  • Peppermint

RitterSport chocolate, Ritter Sport


As you can see, that’s a whole lot of varieties of chocolate! Where can you buy Ritter Sport chocolate? Thankfully, lots of places.

Ritter Sport Creation

Then, it was time for some fun. We used some of the candies to create something. Since Ritter Sport is a German company, and since I love German castles, we decided to make a castle, dubbed “Ritterstein.” You can see it at the top of this post.

#RitterSport marzipan #Tryazon

Do you know what marzipan is? Here you can see some inside the chocolate. It tastes sweet, and I thought it had a bit of a cherry flavor.




Daughter #3 is taking German at school, so she brought a few of the candies to her German class. The teacher saw them and immediately shouted, “RITTER SPORT!” He was a fan for sure. Have you tried Ritter Sport Chocolate? It would make a great addition to any Easter baskets you’re making this spring.




7 thoughts on “#RitterSport Chocolate Party

  1. These chocolates sure do sound scrumptious! I would love to attend a Ritter Sport Chocolate Party. If you ever have another one, please invite me. 🙂 Among the choices offered, they all sound irresistible. However, I’m appreciating the sound of praline and chocolate the most.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful company with a delicious product. I really like the castle! I have not heard of this company but plan to try their product. Like you, my ancestors came from Germany.

  3. ANYTIME you want to sponsor another RITTERSPORT Party again, let me know! There’s no pressure to make an instant purchase such as at Tupperware or the like. You can do sampling and peruse the different flavors, learning actually they ALL are delicious! THANK YOU for inviting me!

  4. Today,4/2, my hubby brought home a package of Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts. I had told him about this product and he saw it at Walmart. He said this was the only flavor they had. It’s delicious!! Am going to keep an eye out when shopping at other stores so I can try some of their other flavors.

  5. Peg, thanks for letting me know that your husband found Ritter Sport! I’m glad to know he found it at Walmart. It looks like they’re sold lots of places, but when I’ve looked at my Kroger and Meijer, I haven’t found them. I’ll keep looking. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I agree that the chocolate flavor is really delicious. Kind of like a little trip to Europe for your tastebuds 🙂

  6. Susan, Guess what! Today (Monday) my hubby was at K-Mart and found Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate wiht Marzipan! Of course, he bought it for me. He said they also had the flavor he bought at Walmart and one other but he couldn’t remember what it was. So you might check your K-Mart also. Walmart had only the one flavor. Yes, delicious European chocolate. So yummy.

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