Menu Plan Monday 3/27/17

mini rex and Dutch rabbit

We have a new pet at our house this week! She is an early birthday present for daughter #3, in response to pleas that have come for a long time. The new bunny, Hazel, is on the left. We adopted her from the local shelter and she is really sweet so far. Next to her is Fred, our older bunny. We also still have our hedgehog and our chinchilla.


Here’s what I discovered outside this week — blooming crocus. I am very glad to see them. Most years, deer (I guess?) find them and snip them off either before they bloom or shortly after. I am enjoying every day I get with them. Tree buds are getting bigger as well. I’m hopeful we can get a pretty spring display without a hard frost nipping things, literally, in the bud. The next 10 days look frost free …

This is our final week before spring break. We’re not really going anywhere, but daughter #3 travels to DC with her band. She is also going to Williamsburg. I haven’t been there since childhood but would love to return. In Washington, I see that the cherry blossoms just reached their peak, so I hope they will still be pretty a week later.

Here is the week’s menu plan ideas:

Monday: leftover soups from last week — potato and tortilla

Tuesday: Calico Beans

Wednesday: Chicken Noodle Soup — I am playing for lent service again tonight, after piano lessons, so I need something I can have ready.

Thursday: fish night — I bought some cod at the grocery to prepare.

Friday: Southwest Chicken Lasagna — made before; good.

More menu plan ideas at OrgJunkie‘s. What are you cooking this week? Anything exciting happening at your place?







6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 3/27/17

  1. I think we’re going to have more salads. It’s amazing what yellow peppers, avocado, strawberries and feta cheese will do to improve the flavor of greens. Trying to stay away from the enticement of chocolate bunny eggs!

  2. I hope the trip goes well. I enjoyed Williamsburg in the 90s. No clue what I’m doing this week. Not just the ice maker but the freezer isn’t working properly. 80th Birthday party for my mom coming on Saturday so they house needs to stay neat. I’m thinking I’ll have bagels or salad, but I have the makings of chili so maybe one last batch for the season.. Son can eat out!

  3. We are having cabbage rolls this evening and I want to make manicotti another evening. Barbequed chicken is on the horizon for Wednesday or Thursday. The bunnies look so sweet. I love your pet assortment! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Williamsburg but went there several times while living in northern Virginia. It’s a place like no other! Takes you back in time, that’s for sure.

  4. Those cherry trees blooming in Washington, D.C. are beautiful! I have seen them only once in bloom in person, and that was on my senior trip 60 years ago. Long time, no see!!! I do have some left-over chili that I could warm up tonight, unless I come up with something more enticing. As you may have guessed by now, I have never planned meals for a whole week ahead. Things usually comes up that often changes my mind at the last minute. I truly admire both of my good friends that have everything organized and all planned out like that! Since I am only cooking for one, it isn’t as important as if I were cooking for a family.That gives me some consolation.

  5. My guess is that the cherry blossoms will not be too beautiful by next week, although I hope I’m wrong. I loved Colonial Williamsburg and would go back there in a heartbeat, health permitting.

  6. My sister and her husband have their own chickens at their home near Boonville. They are really laying well at this time! They sent me home with three dozen eggs. In addition to that, I already had a dozen. They tell me they keep fresh eggs for a long time, unrefrigerated. It works perfectly until you refrigerate them. Once they get cold, you must continue keeping them that way. There is a mixture of white, brown and some blue eggs. So guess what I will be eating a lot of soon?

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