Redbubble Leggings: Review

Redbubble leggings

Thanks, Redbubble, for leggings to review in this post, which contains affiliate links.
Redbubble leggings
Leggings are really popular these days, and that’s no surprise. They are stretchy and comfortable. No stiff fabrics or zippers — just comfort. Kind of like wearing pajama pants. Ahhhh ….

Redbubble leggings

I recently learned about Redbubble leggings. Redbubble is an Australian company, and what sets them apart is their unique designs. Several artists design leggings (and other items as well; Redbubble also sells phone cases, other clothing, wall art, etc). They sell their designs on Redbubble and keep part of the profit. It’s a lot of fun to browse on the site. Truly, you can type just about anything into the search box, and some designs meeting that criteria will pop up.

Since I love music, I somehow ended up with leggings featuring the Nutcracker. Yes, the Nutcracker, as in the ballet. How cute are these, modeled by my ballerina daughter?


Ordering from Redbubble

Ordering from Redbubble was straight-forward and easy to do. My order did take a while to arrive (I ordered on the 8th and it arrived on the 21st), but since the items are made print-to-order, this makes sense. Just be aware of that if you order, wanting something quickly. It may not happen.

I noticed right away that the fabric of these leggings was different than other leggings I have. It was kind of shiny/slick — (88% polyester, 12% spandex). I wondered how this would look and feel, but it looked good and was comfortable. After reading a few reviews on the site, I ordered up a size from what I’d normally wear, and I think this was a good idea, as I’d say they do run a little on the small side. Additionally, if they’re too tight, they tend to become a bit see-through — not a good thing in leggings. By ordering up a size, I avoided this.

At $49, these leggings are not exactly cheap. But, the wide variety of unique designs makes them a fun treat for yourself — or for someone you know with a quirky interest. No matter what it is, you’re likely to find it at Redbubble.

Do you have any experience with Redbubble?




2 thoughts on “Redbubble Leggings: Review

  1. Since I don’t wear tights, leggings, or yoga pants (and yes, I know I am not in style), I won’t be ordering any of these. They are really cute on your daughter though!

  2. I never heard of this brand. The ones pictured are adorable! I would imagine they are well made. Thanks for introducing me to Redbubble Leggings!

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