Little Bunny Board Books: Review

Little Bunny Board Books

Easter is coming. If you’re like me, you will have lots of bunny decor around your house. It’s the perfect time to introduce your littlest family members to these sweet animals with a couple of new board books: Uh Oh, Bunny and No, No, Bunny.

Little Bunny Board Books

Each of these board books is nice and sturdy, as a board book should be. And each features a fun, raised/thick bunny on the cover with a cut-out around him. Even I was tempted to feel that bunny, so I can imagine how a toddler would enjoy it.

In Uh Oh, Bunny, Little Bunny has been “a little careless” around the house. Actually, he has colored on the wall, knocked over a plant, and torn pages out of a book.

Uh Oh Little Bunny

Honestly, I’m feeling a little grateful to not have Little Bunny at my house about now 🙂 Anyway, when Mom asks if he’s done these things, he fesses up, and all is well.

In a similar vein, No, No, Bunny features Little Bunny wreaking havoc again — this time, he appears to develop a streak of kleptomania, as he “takes” money from Mom’s purse, toys from a friend, and candy from a store. Thankfully, he feels remorse over these infractions, confesses, and returns his booty.

No No Little Bunny

Both books feature simple language and cute, colorful illustrations that toddlers would enjoy. And of course, board books are wonderful for introducing babies and toddlers to the mechanics of reading: how to hold a book, how to turn pages, and more. These are things that seem obvious to us as adults, but believe it or not, they’re things that little ones do need to learn.

I think either of these books — or both — would make fun additions to an Easter basket. One of my readers can win both of them, thanks to Worthy Kids/Ideals, who also provided review copies for this post. If you’d like to win, enter using the rafflecopter below. Best wishes!

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  1. What sweet books! They would make such a nice addition to an Easter basket. Loved your review.

  2. These look charming and fun and I love that they teach good lessons.

  3. My niece would love these books! The illustrations are super cute! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy March!

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  6. I would love to win because I am a children’s librarian and would love to read these in our baby and toddler story time for spring. 🙂

  7. I donate books to my local church that is a poor neighborhood. I love winning books for the children.

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