Candy Club: Review

The Candy Club
Thanks, Candy Club, for a box for this affiliate post review.

The Candy Club
Candy. Pretty much everyone likes it, right? If you don’t like chocolate candy, surely you like sour candy. Or if sour isn’t your thing, how about peppermint or gummy candies? Whatever your preference, what about if a box of candy arrived at your doorstep each month? No, I’m not describing heaven. I’m talking about Candy Club.

The Candy Club

It was pretty exciting to open this box, which I might add was really cute. Check out the fun teal color, as well as the attractive packing inside.

Candy Club

Things became even more fun as I opened the packaging further. What a cute display!

How does Candy Club work?

So, here’s the scoop on Candy Club: you choose a period to join for. Either choose a single month to try them out, or 6 months, or a year. The price per box goes down, as you might expect, if you choose the 6-month or 1-year options.

Once you’ve chosen this, you’ll get to the fun part: selecting the candies you want. There is a brief quiz where they ask which candies you prefer, and then a screen where they show suggested candies. You can change any of these for the exact choices you want. And if you try these more than once, you get to choose again next time.

You can cancel anytime, so if you try this once and it’s not your thing, no worries in canceling.

I should also mention the extremely fast shipping of this club. I ordered Thursday night, and my candy arrived in Saturday’s mail. Wow!

College Kids Love Candy Club

Honestly, as I sampled my Candy Club goodies, the top thought in my mind was that this would be the perfect treat for a college kid. They’re at the peak of their calorie-burning glory, and most have huge appetites. Wouldn’t you have loved seeing a box like this arrive at the dorm when you went to college? I sure would have!

Another fun thing: in addition to the three candies you choose, Candy Club sends along extras. In my box, these were Chick-O-Stick peanut butter coconut candies. Honestly, I think there were nearly as many of these as there were of the other candies. There were a lot! Now, I don’t really like these candies, but no worries. I’m planning to add them to my Operation Christmas Child boxes in the fall. I also have plenty of piano students who I’m sure would enjoy them. Face it: getting rid of candy is usually not an issue.

chocolate cashews, bridge mix

Chocolate Cashews were a hit, and the Bridge Mix disappeared within a day.

Many of the candies offered change each month, so there’s always something fun and new to discover.

Would you like to give Candy Club a try, either for yourself or for someone you know? Here’s a deal you’ll love: you can save $10 off your first Candy Club order.

Have you ordered from Candy Club before? Which candy variety was your favorite?





4 thoughts on “Candy Club: Review

  1. I would love it, but since I’m not supposed to eat sugar …

  2. What a delight this would be! I get fresh fruit every month from Harry and David and it’s like a Christmas gift every time it arrives. I may have to start dropping some hints about Candy Club!!

  3. I like this idea, but not for a diabetic! My favorite candy bar is Snickers, and I like almost anything chocolate with nuts or coconut, such as Mounds Almond Joy. My step-son once sent us wine-of-the-month club for Christmas, then another year cheese-of-the-month. We told him to quit. because some were very good and some not so good from places all over the world. Yak cheese did not appeal to me, for example. 🙂 I would love to receive the fruit club offerings, since I prefer things grown in the good ole USA.

  4. Once again, you are introducing me to something I never heard about. How in the heck do you find these offers? Even though I certainly do NOT need candy, I LOVE candy very much. I am wondering how much you get for the price, etc. Yummy!

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