Menu Plan Monday 2/28/17

Indiana ISSMA state solo contest warmup room

Happy menu plan Monday to all you friends in internet land. The picture shows my Saturday — traveling to the state capital for state solo contest, where I played piano for three students. There’s always so much chaos, excitement, and energy around these contests. People happy. People sad. People hurrying. Hot rooms. Cold rooms. More than many other events these days, people actually talking to each other, rather than being absorbed constantly in their phones. It’s now over for another year, and as usual, I have enjoyed it.

So, spring begins this week. Well, not officially, but March arrives, and that always feels like spring. Ash Wednesday and Lent also come this week. I didn’t grow up in the tradition of those observances, but I often play organ now at a church that does observe them, so for the next several Wednesdays I’ll be traveling out to the country to play on those evenings. It’s always nice to observe the lengthening amounts of daylight, and to slow down and focus on God for a while.

After a great week of no cooking thanks to daughter #2, I’m back in the kitchen this week. Here are the plans:

Monday: Wendy’s Chili — leftover, yay! Plus leftover rolls that daughter #2 made last week (they keep pretty well when frozen soon after baking).

Wendy's chili for Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday: fish — I bought cod at Trader Joe’s this week. I will dip it in bread crumbs and make on the stovetop. Some kind of vegetable as well.

Wednesday: Crockpot chicken taco fixings and these delicious-looking tortillas from a Trader Joe’s stop on Saturday —

Trader Joe's tortillas

Thursday: Coconut Curry chicken and Chickpeas — from a recent magazine. Looks good; we like Indian-themed dishes.

Friday: Fiesta BBQ Chicken nachos — maybe with ground turkey instead of chicken. Another recipe torn from a magazine.

More menu plan ideas at OrgJunkie‘s. What are you up to this week, either in the kitchen or out?






6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 2/28/17

  1. I enjoyed your comments on Saturday’s State Contest. It is true that at contest you see people talking and not messing around on their phones (as much). I am glad you made a stop at Trader Joe’s! You would think with the size of Ft. Wayne you would have one there! You need to tip your hat to the Homestead Girls’ Basketball Team!

  2. I always enjoy anything you mention about music. So many years ago I participated in the local solo and ensemble contests but never made it to state. Would love to hear them play! Such talent! Your weekly menu sounds so good. Tonight we’ll have leftover rotisserie chicken. On Tuesday my hubby will have dinner at a meeting he is going to. I’ll probably open a can of soup! I need to decide what to make the rest of the week.

  3. So glad that you enjoyed Saturday so much both at the music competition and also at Trader Joe’s! I agree with Attic Girl that Ft. Wayne should have a Trader Joe’s, especially since it is the second largest city in the state of IN. Wish that I were as organized as you with all 5 evening meals planned for each week already. Tonight I have about 3 choices to fix for me only: lasagne, fish, or chicken. None of these choices are left-overs though, so I will have to do some preparation. All are in my freezer, so it won’t be too laborious. 🙂

    I am still on Cloud Nine from the double birthday party yesterday for great-granddaughter Layla and great-grandson Sawyer! Be sure to check out some pictures on my timeline that Christie put up last night already. The party was a hoot and the kids could not have been nicer or done better. When Joe and I arrived late for the party due to church, Addie came running over to the door as we entered, saying “Great-grandma” with much enthusiasm. So sweet!

  4. I’m sure the kids and parents appreciate your support and encouragement at the state contest. I went as a parent to the instrumental ones, and as a student to the choir ones. I remember those cold practice rooms!

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