Faith in Every Footstep: Review

Thanks FlyBy for a review copy of this book.

Juneau DogsleddingRemember last summer, when I shared our family’s Alaskan adventures with all of you? Here’s a photo to refresh your memory. It shows dogs from a dogsledding venture we took. Our guide, who is the guy you see on the left, was training to take part in the Yukon Quest dog race. He told us about it, describing the way it was a more grueling race than the more well-known Iditarod.

Juneau Dogsledding dogsHe introduced us to some of his dogs, including this beautiful (but shy) one, named Nova. It was interesting, and so when I had the opportunity to review a book about someone participating in the Quest race, I said yes!

Faith in Every Footstep

This book follows Kyle Walker, a 19-year-old from South Carolina, all the way to Alaska, where he plans to participate as a (very young) racer in the Quest. You will enjoy the close relationship he has with his dogs, who are Carolina Grays (a breed I’d never heard of before, and after reading some on the author’s website, I see that they are fictional). Here is a trailer that will help you get a feel for the book:

I enjoyed following Kyle and his dogs on the race. Near the end, as you might expect, they confront catastrophe after catastrophe. Will Kyle survive? What about his dogs? What about (spoiler alert) the family they are trying to save? Can they finish the race at all?

The book has a fast pace, and I read it quickly because I kind of felt like I was on the race myself. I wanted to know what would happen next! There were a few editing issue, such as “… in that moment Jenna realized it wasn’t peace or fear that that glazed across his eyes. It was fear.” I read that bit several times and feel sure it’s not what the author meant to write.

There’s also one bit of profanity. I hated to see that, because I’d hoped to let a young relative who loves dogs and sledding read this.

But despite these few things, this is a compelling read. If you’d like to go to Alaska and experience a dogsled race, I think you will enjoy “Faith in Every Footstep.”





6 thoughts on “Faith in Every Footstep: Review

  1. Nice review and it sounds like an interesting book. If I read this, I’ll have to be wearing a sweater the entire time because of the climate and all that snow!! I get goose bumps just thinking about it!

  2. What a sweet respite on this Valentine’s Day to have a flashback to our wonderful Alaskan adventure. The dog sledding event was a favorite for many of the children, especially. I still remember the man we met whose granddad started the Iditarod Race.

  3. I think this is a book I would really enjoy. Thanks for reviewing it.

  4. This one sounds like a book that I could easily get into reading. Alaska is so beautiful, and the pictures included remind me of my two wonderful trips to Alaska on my quest to visit all 50 states. That is one bucket list that I have managed to accomplish, I might add.

  5. Sounds good. Just tape a sharpie to the bad word(s)! If the dogs are fictional…not sure what that means. Is this a novel or a memoir? I’m guessing a novel since it has a video.

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