Hydration Nation

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I first remember noticing it a few years after I’d graduated from high school. I was watching a local parade, and was excited to see the marching band I’d formerly been a member of pass by. The flags girls (I’d been one, reluctantly), the majorettes, the woodwinds, the brass instruments … the parents, misting the kids with water.

I could not believe this. My cohorts and I had endured sweltering days of marching, and no one had spritzed us. Were these kids more fragile? More pampered? What?

If I could only have known, this was just the beginning. These days, while I may not see misting occurring too often, I still witness the way we Americans love to stay hydrated. Witness cup holders in vehicles. When I grew up, I don’t think any cars had these. These days, there are several in every vehicle. Over the years, they also have seemed to grow larger, the better to accommodate “Big Gulps” and other drinks in sizes that appear capable of soaking down a small army.

Wherever you go, you’ll see people carrying water bottles, coffee tumblers, and Starbucks cups. Most grocery carts have cup holders, because really, can people be expected to buy groceries without a beverage? Horrors!

I’ve still not gotten used to churches with beverage bars inside. Seeing congregants enter the sanctuary, casually late, toting a drink, just seems … odd to me. We’ve gone way beyond long skirts vs. short skirts vs. pants vs. jeans. These days, an hour spent without hydration could apparently be a health hazard. It used to be that you brought your Bible to church. But that’s rare anymore. Scripture is simply posted on a big screen. Maybe this is better. You wouldn’t want to spill that mocha latte on your Bible, now would you?

Have you noticed the omnipresent beverage phenomenon?

5 thoughts on “Hydration Nation

  1. Ha ha ha! GUILTY! I almost always have a bottle of water with me, wherever I go. I rarely drink water in the grocery, but I drink it in church all the time.

  2. I always have a drink with me. Usually unsweet iced tea, but water will do. I love it. Much nicer than trying to quietly open my purse and find a Lifesaver or a cough drop every time my ever-dry throat bugs me.

  3. Also guilty! But I live in Central Florida so water and other drinks are everywhere. I was not aware that it was going on in the northern states also. In church, my throat gets dry when I sing and a sip of water helps so much. But if that doesn’t work, out comes the throat lozenge! Then I sing, sing, sing until I have to take a sip of water. It’s a vicious circle!! I have never seen anything but water at my church though.

  4. I personally find it exceedingly annoying that people can no longer attend church without their bottles/cups of whatever. When I was growing up, food and water were not permitted in the church auditorium. You’re right! We’ve come a long way, and I’m not so sure it’s in the right direction. It’s my personal opinion (and I trust I’m not misjudging people) that they *look* for reasons to have to have a drink with them at all times.

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