The Story Box Review: Books in the Mail

Thanks to Story Box for a package to review in this post, which contains affiliate links. All opinions my own.

Guess what arrived in my mailbox the other day? Yes, the friendly green package above. You can probably guess that I would be favorably disposed already to like something called a Story Box, and you would be right.

But let’s look inside.

StoryBox wrapping

Wow, how pretty! Colorful, fun tissue paper. Okay, let’s look inside of that —

StoryBox Little Owl's Orange Scarf

I found two adorable board books, perfect for babies or toddlers. The first was Little Owl’s Orange Scarf, a sweet story about a little owl who disliked various things about his scarf.

StoryBox Little Owl's Orange Scarf

I won’t give away the ending, but as you could probably surmise, things work out just fine for Little Owl. The illustrations here were simple and charming.

The Story box Fluff and Billy

And the second book, Fluff and Billy, was another winner. This book was more colorful, and detailed the antics of two penguins who are friends — until they get into a misunderstanding. All is well in the end, though.

The Story Box Program

The Storybox also included a card with a “challenge of the month,” which as a mom and teacher, I absolutely loved. It gave ideas for expanding on the books with your kids. This particular card recommended using a technique called “expansion”: waiting for your child to respond to a page of the book, and then repeating what they say while also adding one new bit of language. For instance, if your child says, “penguin,” you could say, “Yes, the penguin has red feet, doesn’t he?” Guys, I live for this stuff! I could sit with kids and read and “expand” with them all day 🙂

So, the idea behind StoryBox is that you subscribe to the service, and every month, a package of two books will arrive in your mailbox. Based on the quality of the books I received, these books are excellent quality. You can also see that they’re packaged in a thoughtful way.

You can choose to receive two board books (suitable for ages birth to 2 1/2), or picture books (for 2 1/2 to 6), or a Family Package, which contains one of each. Each package includes a guide with tips to build your child’s literacy skills (and the guide with my package had real, “meaty” tips I could actually use easily).

StoryBox service is affordable, priced under $20 for a month, and shipping is free. You can cancel anytime, so don’t worry about being signed up into perpetuity. I think this would make a wonderful gift for a new baby or for a baby shower. As a new mom, how great would it be to have a couple of new books arrive each month for your baby? Heaven on earth!
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Have you ever tried The Story Box? Do you have a favorite book to give as a baby gift?





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  1. I think this would be very neat for the mother of a young child. How did you hear about it.

  2. This would make a nice gift. I wish my grandkids were still young enough to enjoy it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  3. This program would be perfect for all three of my great-grandchildren! I will pass the information on to Christie. She could get them for Layla and also use them in first grade teaching.

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