When We Last Spoke: Review

When We Last Spoke

Imagine you’re a woman in your 50s. One day, your daughter-in-law leaves her family. Your son is shipped off to Vietnam. Their two young daughters come to live with you and your husband. Just as you’re getting used to that, you get word that your son has been killed. That’s not all either, because your quirky and ornery mother-in-law moves in, too.

If this all stresses you out, you can relate to the plight of Ruby Cranbourne in “When We Last Spoke,” by Marci Henna. But Ruby is that woman we’d all like to be: sweet, a great cook, loving, and seems to have won the relationship lottery with handsome farmer husband, Walt, who treats her well.

This book is narrated by the older of the two granddaughters taken in by Walt and Ruby, Juliet. She begins telling the story when she’s an adult, but most of the book is a flashback to Juliet and sister Evangeline’s childhood in fictional Fireside, Texas, with their grandparents.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters all have vivid personalities with memorable southern language, and you’ll feel like you know them. The 1970s setting comes alive and feels very authentic as well.

As I read the book, I kept thinking that it had similarities to the Mitford series by Jan Karon: sweet, evocative of a place and time that aren’t current, but where it would be pleasant to spend some time.

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  1. Were I a reader, I know I would enjoy this book. I will forward your blog to some who I feel will read it. Thank you for an excellent review!

  2. This sounds like a book I would enjoy since it’s about family relationships. I liked your review.

  3. I’m positive I would LOVE this book. I hope I’ll be the fortunate receiver.

  4. I came looking for a good read and your review made this book a book I now have to read

  5. I love to read and this sounds like an interesting story and similar to the books I usually read.

  6. This sounds like a book I would enjoy because it’s about family relationships.

  7. I loved the Mitford series and anything by Fannie Flagg and would probably enjoy reading this.

  8. I love books based in the South with interesting characters and unique family dynamics. I’d enjoy reading this book.

  9. I love books in general and love to read. This one sounds like it would be a great story!

  10. I haven’t read a book since having my youngest babies, they are one and two now so I think I’m ready to delve back in. I love this time period, seems like a great place to escape to at bedtime!

  11. I would like to win this because I’m a foster parent and I think it would be an interesting read from that perspective. Also because I’m ridiculously nostalgic for times I never even lived in lol

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