Design by Humans Baseball Tee Review

Design by Humans Baseball Tee
Thanks to Design by Humans for a baseball tee to review in this post, which contains affiliate links. All opinions my own.

I recently started working with a new sponsor, Design by Humans. They specialize in tee shirts, but not just any tee shirts — unique ones!

Logo - Busy - 300 x 250I must confess that I spent a whole lotta time at the site, browsing through all their offerings. I’d  look through a page of tees, find a few I liked, and then click to the next page. But, I was amazed? dismayed? thrilled? to see that there were dozens and dozens of pages of options remaining. There was no way I could look through that many shirts!

So, I then discovered a fun new way to peruse Design by Humans shirts: the search box. Whatever I typed in — rabbits, hedgehog, piano — dozens of options showed up. This is truly the site for you if you like unique, quirky designs. They even make shirts for kids. What a fun gift for a child you like who has a unique interest. You know — like spacemen who ride unicorns and fly through rainbows.

Shop kids tees at!Design by Humans Baseball Tee

I decided on the Piano River Baseball Tee. I liked it for a few reasons. Or course, being a piano teacher, I am partial to musical themes. I also have a baseball tee that I have currently been wearing way longer than I should have been. It’s seen better days, and I wanted a replacement. I just like the baseball tee style; it seems a bit “dressier” than typical tee shirts.

So, I laid out my current favorite baseball tee and measured it, so I could order one of a similar size. I noticed when I looked at Design by Humans’ size charts that their baseball tees were several inches longer than my current shirt. I kind of wish they were shorter, but I get the longer length — especially considering the way so many people wear tee shirts with leggings these days. The extra length is definitely a plus there.

Design by Humans baseball tee

I’d say my shirt ran pretty true to size. It ended up being 1/2″ narrower and 1″ longer than advertised. The fabric was a 60/40 cotton/poly blend that felt very soft. The design printed on the shirt looked professionally done.

My shirt arrived really quickly, and included a coupon to use for my next order. I appreciate it when a company offers me little perks like that!

Quirky Designs

Should you order from Design by Humans? Their shirts are pricier than something you’d pick up at the local discount store, so if you just want a shirt to wear around the house, maybe not. But if you are looking for a unique design that you won’t see someplace else — either for yourself or for a friend — this is the place to go.

Check out their site, because there are frequently deals offered. Through the end of March, you can save 10% on all apparel with code STYLE10.

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  1. I wish I had known about this site before last Christmas. I wanted t-shirts for two of my teen grandsons, one is into engineering and the other is into mechanics. I was appalled at how risque some of the sayings were on the mechanic tees. Engineering wasn’t so bad but eventually I found something appropriate for both boys. I am going to make a note of this site for future t-shirt orders! Thank you!

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