Peter Rabbit Collection at Gymboree

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I’m convinced that someone on Gymboree’s design team escaped from my brain. Seriously! Because the lines they keep coming up with just get cuter and cuter, and more and more like something I would come up with. When my girls were little, Gymboree featured adorable German- and French-themed lines. Recently, I absolutely LOVED their Little Golden Books clothes (you can see pictures here, but unfortunately you won’t find them in stores anymore).

Now? They have outdone themselves yet again.

What is the cuteness this time, you ask? PETER RABBIT.
Gymboree Sale On Now!


I’m telling you, I am dangerously close to attempting to adopt a baby right now, just so I have someone to buy this cute stuff for!!

Peter Rabbit Collection at Gymboree

Just imagine how adorable a baby you know would look in this clothes for Easter or any other spring or summer event. I really love it all, but in particular — how sweet are these little rabbit shoes??? I can hardly stand it.

If you are invited to a baby shower this spring, or if you know of a mom with a baby (looks like the clothing ranges from newborn to size 24 month sizes), head over to Gymboree. The cuteness just keeps growing!

Check the site frequently, as there are often different sales, free shipping promotions, etc.

What do you like best in the Peter Rabbit collection?




4 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit Collection at Gymboree

  1. They do have some cute clothes. But since one of your cousins has just adopted a baby, maybe you could buy them for that baby.

  2. Precious! Oh, those shoes!! I have always loved Gymboree’s creative yet gentle collections. The clothes were always age-appropriate instead of trying to make toddlers look like mini-adults. My sons are now tweens but I miss those Gymboree days! And I too want to adopt a little girl so I can dress her in Gymboree!

  3. Those rabbit shoes are so sweet. I, too, miss the days when I could buy cute baby clothes for my little girls and then my grandkids. I love the Gymboree clothes and the fact that they make babies and toddlers look like babies and toddlers. I feel the same as Erin in that regard.

  4. What a sweet array of children’s clothing. The Peter Rabbit motif is adorable. I also love the Little Golden Book theme on some children’s outfits! These would make darling baby gifts! Thanks for telling me they are available!

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