Menu Plan Monday 1/23/17

pink flowers

Did you enjoy those beautiful, colorful flowers? I hope so! It’s been a good week here. I enjoyed watching all the Inauguration day coverage Friday and had the TV on all day. Then, on Saturday, daughter #3 and I went to the January bonsai club meeting, which is always held at a large downtown greenhouse. It’s not really a place to buy plants, but it’s where large plants from the zoo are stored off-season, and where plants are grown for various city functions. It’s always therapeutic to spend a January day amidst so much green and colorful life (even though it reached over 60 degrees Saturday — wow).

succulents growing from wall

One more plant photo — we were intrigued by these succulents, just growing out of the wall! I could show you more fun finds like this, but since it *is* Menu Plan Monday …

squirrel with fur patch missing

Okay, so one more thing, and then I promise it’s on to cooking talk. I may have mentioned our fourth “pet,” this slightly fat squirrel who loves to knock down the suet feeder, lives on the roof, and is pretty tame. This week I saw him climbing up for a snack and noticed a large patch of fur missing on his back! I have to say I’m a little worried about him. I wonder if he was attacked by something? Or maybe has some type of mange or infection? Whatever is going on, I hope he is okay. While I don’t like him scaring off the birds, I do kind of like him 🙂

So, as to cooking this week:

Monday: Southwest Bean & Corn Soup — I tore this out of a magazine recently, and it looks good. Sorry, I can’t find the recipe online. If it turns out great and anyone wants it, I can type it out.

Tuesday: fish night. When daughter #1 was here over Christmas, she mentioned liking to make fish with pesto sauce on top. I still have some of the pesto left that she used when she made it here, so I can use that.

Wednesday: Skinny Chicken and Spinach Alfredo — I’m not sure how “skinny” it is, but it’s good 😉

skinny chicken alfredo

Thursday: Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks — these are really good! Haven’t made them in a while.

cheese stuffed breadsticks

Friday: This will be a busy week, so I think I’ll end with a box of good ol’ Chicken Helper. We like the sweet and sour chicken type, and I buy it when it’s $1 or less per box. I always make more rice than the provided packet (and use brown rice instead of white), so I don’t feel like it’s too unhealthy, even though it’s packaged.

What are you cooking this week? More menu ideas at OrgJunkie’s.







6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 1/23/17

  1. A few years back I got to go on the Bonsai group’s trip to the Greenhouse. We even ate out as a group afterwards. This January weather sure is not normal but I don’t hear any complaints. I celebrated the Inauguration greatly! I also rejoice that my three daughters are not the type to lay down their babies and spend Saturday marching/tearing up cities. America’s in big trouble from within!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the Cycleman and Succulants thanks for sharing !them. I confess to loving my squirrel friends as well as the birds. We have made and placed a squirrel feeder away from our bird feeders which has stopped the feeder shaking. Takes a little more seed- but they seem content to eat what we put out- a small scoop of sunflower seed a few times a week and now leave the feeder alone. If You have ever seen how aggressive and territorial squirrels are with each other, it is just as likely that one of his other squirrel pals yanked out the patch of fur.

  3. The flowers are beautiful. We’ve had soooo many grey days here. I feel like I’m in need of something bright and colorful.

  4. Beautiful flowers! I love the succulents! Before we downsized we had a lot of different ones in our yard. Your meals for the week sound delicious, as always. We will be having chicken quesadillas on Tuesday, roast beef on Wednesday, eating out on Thursday after a late-afternoon doctor appointment, and meatloaf made with ground turkey on Friday. I always make a tossed salad and another veggie with the entree.

  5. Loved your pictures of blooming flowers and succulents! Just what we need to see and think about on another dreary, gray day. I vote for the skinny chicken spinach Alfredo dish for Wednesday, although all of the meals are crowd-pleasers in my book! You take good care of your family each and every week.

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