Barron Trump Facts

Barron Trump, Melania, Tiffany

Tiffany, Barron, and Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention, By VOA News (official facebook) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Once January 20 arrives, there will be a new young first son — Barron Trump. While recent years have seen several Presidents with young daughters (Obama,  Bush 43, and Clinton come to mind), there hasn’t been a young boy growing up in the White House since JFK had John Jr. Let’s learn a few facts about Barron Trump.

Barron Trump Facts

Barron Trump, the only child of Donald Trump and wife Melania, was born March 20, 2006. He is currently ten years old.

Barron lives in Trump Tower in New York City most of the time, where he has a floor to call his own. In an interview, his mother Melania said that Barron was interested in planes and cars, but that in his bedroom, he preferred his decor “clean and white.” She also likes to encourage Barron’s creativity by allowing him to draw on his walls: “We can paint it over … if you say to a child no, no, no, where does the creativity go?” Melania sometimes refers to Barron as “little Donald” because of his personality.

How Tall is Barron?

Barron’s height hasn’t been officially listed, but based on his father’s height and seeing how tall Barron is next to his father in the Inaugural Parade, I’d estimate Barron to be 5’9″ — quite tall for a fourth grader!

Barron Trump — Introvert?

Barron’s mother has claimed that he can play alone “for hours,” but that he also has frequent play dates with friends. It’s easy to imagine that the youngest Trump child might be comfortable on his own, given that he is so much younger than his half-siblings. Melania says that he enjoys building towns and airports using Legos.

Barron Trump — School

Fourth grader Barron goes to school at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City (tuition runs about $45,000 annually). Word has it that Melania Trump picks him up and drops him off there each day (she reportedly does not have a nanny, but she isn’t driving — she arrives via chauffeured Cadillac Escalade). Melania puts a high priority on her only son. She only began her own business once he had started school, and she schedules a majority of her meetings and work priorities during his school hours so that she can be free to spend time with him.

Barron — Little Donald?

You may have noticed that Barron is rarely seen in casual clothes. In an ABC interview, mom Melania revealed that he is “not a sweatpants child,” but that he enjoys dressing in suits and ties. Trump butler Tony Senecal recalled a time when Barron was two and a half years old and Senecal brought in his breakfast. Barron said, “Tony, sit down. We need to talk!” Little Donald, indeed!

Being a Trump, Barron is perhaps pampered more than the average child. Melania has said that he uses her Caviar Complex C6 moisturizer each night after his bath.

In an interview I watched on TV earlier in November, Donald referred to his youngest son as smart and strong, saying that he had “a good heart.” He also said that the boy was “pretty advanced when it comes to computers.”

A Dog for Barron?

One thing the Trumps don’t have is a pet. This is unusual for a President; in fact, for the past 150 years, all White House residents have had a pet. But that may change. A friend of the Trumps is reportedly offering them a golden retriever puppy named Patton (after the general, of course). Barron was apparently moved to tears when he was shown a photo of Patton, but no final decision has yet been made on the dog. Stay tuned!

Will you enjoy watching Barron grow up — either in the White House or at Trump Tower?




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  1. Fourth grade? Isn’t he like 12?? I didn’t realize. The last “youngsters” were Teddy Roosevelt’s boys, though the Coolidges, FDRs and Fords still had boys in prep school and college when they entered the White House. Eisenhower famously had grandson David–for whom Camp David was named. The Johnsons and Nixons each had 2 daughters–LBJs daugher (maybe both–idr) married in the White House. Harry Truman had a beloved only daughter. The Kennedys had the youngest children Grover Cleveland’s much younger wife gave birth in the White House. Both the Kennedys and the Coolidges lost a son in the White House, like Lincoln. [Yes I love First Family trivia!!!!!!!!]

  2. I feel sorry for Barron. I sure would not want to be in his place. Whoopi Goldberg has already raised a ruckus about him. The poor child could not possibly be normal, whatever that is.

  3. I knew nothing about Barron so found this article very informative. I remember Amy Carter and she was young when her dad became President. I believe most presidential children turn out okay and lead productive lives. Barron has good examples to follow from his older brothers and sisters.

  4. I like that Melania is so devoted to him.I think the only time I saw him was when I listened to just a bit of Trump’s acceptance speech, and Barron seemed uncomfortable, and I felt sorry for him. Hopefully he’ll adjust well like other president’s kids have.

  5. I certainly will watch news about Barron, with interest. I think children bring a human side to the White House although I readily admit I never for a moment was caught up with the Obama sisters.

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