Menu Plan Monday 1/9/17

It’s looking like one of those weeks. The ones where my to-do calendar has a lot of stuff on it — an early-morning orthodontist appointment. A new piano student. A practice session with a violinist at her teacher’s place, which will end up probably 2+ hours total including travel time. Just lots of stuff, all of which is good, but it makes it hard to get other things done, among them, planning the week’s meals. My method is to get out a piece of paper (I’m still old-school that way) and look at my calendar, and start listing things to make. A busy night like Friday, when I’ll be away most of the meal-prep hours, calls for soup or something in the crock pot. Ditto for Monday night, when five piano students show up.

Other nights, when the late afternoon/early evening hours are a little lighter, I can plan things that take 30 minutes or so to make just before eating.

birds dark-eyed junco, cardinal

In other news this week, one of the things I enjoy doing on these frigid, cold days is watching the birds that visit my feeder. I started a Pinterest board of birds I can identify. I’m fairly new to this though, and just today there were a couple at the feeder that stumped me. I wish I knew how to distinguish more of them! Nonetheless, I’m happy to be able to help make their time outside a little easier.

In other wildlife news, earlier in the week daughter #2 called down that a fox was in our yard! I looked outside, and sure enough, the creature running across the yard looked just like a red fox. Very cool! I read online that they do indeed live in Indiana, most commonly in the northeast part of the state (where I live). Have any of you seen them in your area?

Here are the recipes for the week:

Monday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — carried over from last week.

Tuesday: Baked Potato Soup — sounds good on these 0-degree days we’ve been having …

Wednesday: White Chicken Lasagna — a nice alternative to “regular” lasagna.

Thursday: Beef and Bean Casserole — kind of like nachos, which can only be a good thing 🙂

Friday: Bean Soup — I have a package of Bob’s Red Mill 13-Bean soup mix which I plan to use. Bean soup should taste perfect on a cold night. At this point, they’re predicting “ice pellets” over the weekend, so a big pot of soup will be great. I’ll probably make bread in the bread machine too.

What’s new in your world this week? Let me know in the comments. I read — and enjoy — each one!

More menu ideas at OrgJunkie’s.





7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 1/9/17

  1. After eating pizza as my meat at my main meal for the past week, yesterday I ate at Capt D’s. They have a senior special each Sunday and Wednesday with a meal & drink under $6. It was a good contrast. Yesterday was the first time I left my home since choir practice Wednesday night. I had 3 days’ mail in my mailbox, which I also retrieved. So Sunday was sort of a “coming out” party for me! Baked Potato Soup sounds good!

  2. Love the cardinal photo! Blessings to you in your fast-paced week…your meals always sound delicious. This week I’m trying a layered “salad in a Ball jar” idea for lunch.

  3. It all sounds really good. I love your bird project! I don’t put feeders because our little Cali-cat loves to go outdoors. I don’t want her to catch some “fast food” lol. I love birds as much as I do cats and dogs so I feel bad that we don’t put feeders out anymore (we did when all the cats were indoor only).

  4. In answer to your question about a fox, as I drove to the high school gradation of one of your cousins, with at least Mother, perhaps both parents, and one or more Holland relatives in the car, a fox raced across the road in front of us not far from where Harold’s house was. This was years ago, obviously, but I still remember it. That was not in the northeastern part of the state, but perhaps they also live in the southwestern part, since that’s where I would have been.

    Your weekly menu sounds good.

  5. Your weekly meals sound delicious, as always. It sounds as though you are having a very busy week – made me tired to read about it! Ha! I am going to make split pea soup for one evening since it’s a soup my husband will eat. He likes chili and tomato also. It’s been a little chilly here in central Florida on the Gulf so soup will taste good. I guess we are having our 2 or 3 days of winter! Loved the birds.

  6. Your food choices all sound good! I’m all for comfort food during this long cold snap!! The bird project is neat, and I love to see cardinals, especially males in bright red. As for foxes, I have seen many in my lifetime. It would average out about one per year, I think. There are more sightings of red foxes these days than in earlier years. It is always a thrill to see a fox, but I HATE those awful coyotes! More of those than ever before in our part of the state.

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