Childhood Memories Friday: Saturday Doughnuts

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Memories aren’t always grand, earth-shattering things. Sometimes they’re small — as small as a doughnut. One of my strongest childhood memories is of my dad going out each Saturday morning to buy doughnuts to bring home for us. They’d usually arrive in a cardboard box that we would open up on the kitchen table.

Rolls vs Doughnuts

We didn’t call them doughnuts, we called them “rolls.” We each had our favorites. Mine was a big round “roll” with chocolate frosting — or “icing,” as we called it. And since that was never enough, I’d top it off by spreading peanut butter on top, too (no wonder I wasn’t a small child). Mom usually wanted a cake doughnut, but they never seemed like a “real” roll to me. I’d eat a long john or a cream-filled occasionally, but the big round was my favorite. These days, I would choose an apple fritter. Were they even around back then? If so, I didn’t know about them.

My sister and I enjoyed our rolls each Saturday morning in front of the TV, watching our favorite shows. All was right in the world.

The things we love best as a child stay with us forever. It is its own kind of golden ticket. — Lucy Mangan

How about you? Any memories of donuts, or Saturday mornings, or ….?

7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Saturday Doughnuts

  1. This box of rolls he bought us – a man’s suit could have come in the box. This was not a 12″ x 12″ box. It was huge! Thinking back, I’m surprised we didn’t each weigh 300 pounds! I think it was common for us to eat not one, but TWO of them! They came from Culps’ Bakery. It ceased existing years ago. I think the building’s even gone now. The going spot in town for pastries now is Linzy B’s. Luckily the owners’ daughter is in our class and she brings in more than one box a suit could fit in to our classroom A LOT! And so we ROLL along! Where would we be without sugar? Answer: A LOT BETTER OFF but not smiling as widely.

  2. My grandfather used to bring a box of Dunkin Donuts whenever he came to visit. They’re not my favorite, but I liked when he brought them. My absolute favorite is the Krispy Kreme hot glazed donuts right off the rack. 🙂 Thankfully we do not have a Krispy Kreme nearby – I don’t need the temptation! My favorite at the local grocery story bakery is what we’ve called tiger tails – glazed, long, with one side regular and one side chocolate, twisted together. I prefer glazed to cake.

    The only Saturday morning memories I can think of are that our parents let us watch cartoons so they could sleep in. I don’t know if we served ourselves cereal or pop tarts or waited til they got up. 🙂

  3. We did that too, when we lived in Illinois. My parents got huge pecan studded sweet rolls that they topped with butter! Yes, obesity became an issue. My brother always wanted chocolate iced long-johns. I liked any donuts with actual nuts all over then or I’d have what my parents had, sans butter (I thought that was gross!). Fun memory!!

  4. My Saturday morning memories are that we got to sleep in (at least during the winter time; I don’t remember about summer). And while we were still in bed, Mother would turn on the “Back to the Bible Youth Program.” What an impact that program had on my life!

  5. We had a bakery shop downtown with the most amazing doughnuts. Vanilla iced long johns were my favorite. My dad used to make pancakes on Sunday morning before we went to church. Good memories!

  6. I recall packaged sweet cinnamon rolls that had gobs of vanilla icing on them. There were about 8 in a package that had to be broken apart. I don’t remember many donuts from my childhood but when our daughters were small, we lived near a donut shop. Not very often, I’d buy a dozen assorted donuts beautifully decorated and it was hard to choose, they all looked so pretty and delicious!

  7. Who doesn’t love baked goods, especially rolls? My grandfather would bring all kinds of rolls from the Roanoke Bakery (better than the one we have now!) to our farm house when he still worked at the Coil Factory. We would clamor for them, and I always hoped that I could have two, but that rarely happened!
    My very favorite has always been cinnamon rolls. His was pecan rolls, and I liked those almost as much.
    Apple fritters have been around at least 50 years, but I am guessing that they were available even before that. The apples keep this roll moister longer! For me, yeast dough is much better than cake dough. No wonder I love pie way more than cake to this very day! 🙂

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