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2016 will soon be history. But before we say goodbye for one last time, let’s review which blog posts got the most traffic during the year — even though some of them weren’t even written in 2016. Did you miss any of them?

10. Meet Karen Pence, Indiana’s First Lady — no surprise that there’s renewed interest in Mrs. Pence. She’s no longer just Indiana’s First Lady — in a couple of week’s she’ll be “second lady” (is that the term?) of the United States. 

9. Facts about Candy Carson, Wife of Ben Carson — For a short time, Ben Carson was front-runner for the Republican nomination. Even though his candidacy fell short, Dr. Carson has a fascinating life story. And I’m guessing many people were curious about the woman behind the man. I know that I was!

8. Interesting Facts About Princess Diana’s Home: Secrets of Althorp — I watched a PBS special on Althorp and was inspired to do some research. Here are some interesting things I learned about the stately home where Diana spent her formative years.

7. How Long Does it Take to Learn to Play the Piano? — I figured, as a pianist of 45 years and a piano teacher for decades as well, this was a topic I was well-qualified to answer. Turns out, 1202 other people this year were curious as to the answer …

6. Zucchini Skin Reaction — This was just a strange one. A few years ago, while chopping a bunch of zucchini, I noticed my fingers were developing an odd rash, kind of like glue had dried on them. And given the number of people who have stopped by to read this article, I’m surmising I’m no the only one with a strange skin reaction to zucchini.

5.  Romantic Ronald Reagan Quotes — Oh, how I miss the Gipper! He and Nancy had such a sweet relationship, and I enjoyed rounding up some of their romantic back-and-forths for this post, written a couple of years ago around Valentine’s Day.

4.  Pretzel Recipe with No Yeast — A few years ago, one of the girls needed to make soft pretzels for their 4-H foods exhibit. I searched for recipes and found several contenders, but at the last minute I noticed the rules (4-H lives and dies by rules!!) stated that the pretzel could not contain yeast. WHAT??!!! This threw a wrench in things, as every recipe I’d found had yeast. We played around a little and came up with one that worked well. I’m happy others in the same situation have found, and hopefully benefitted from, this post.

3.  Livionex: A Better Toothpaste — I discovered Livionex via a magazine ad, and wrote to the company to see if I could review a tube of the new toothpaste. It’s truly one of those “wow” products. If you’ve never brushed with it, give it a try in 2017. My teeth have literally never felt so clean. It’s worth the $20 per tube, and in fact I just spent about $100 for a 2017 supply …

2.  Things You May Not Know About Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall — Ah, poor Prince Charles’ second wife, woman scorned? Actually, I haven’t heard much negative about her lately. She and Charles seem to be settling into their older years in a rather dignified, quiet way. And apparently many people are still curious about the woman who replaced Diana –

And the most-read post of 2016:
1. Family Affair Buffy and Jodi, Where are They Now? — who knew there was so much interest in Uncle Bill, Mr. French, Buffy, Jody, and Cissy? I guess it’s not surprising; there isn’t a lot online about them, and I have fond memories of the show myself.


4 thoughts on “Girls in White Dresses Top 2016 Posts

  1. It was interesting to read which of your posts got the most attention this year. I enjoyed all of them and the comments. I look forward to reading them in the New Year. I hope all of your readers will have a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017!!!

  2. I’m hoping to do a similar post in a day or two. I do remember many of these! I think there is a book of Reagan’s love letters – I’d like to read that some time. He had such a way with words.

  3. I’m sure I must have read all of these when you wrote them, but the one about the toothpaste absolutely escapes me. Thanks for the amount of time you spend researching and writing these blog posts. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for sharing many of your fond memories. I also appreciate the new things you bring across my radar. Life is interesting if you take a good shovel and start spading!

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