Christmas Piano Party & Recital Ideas

Christmas Piano Party Recital

I recently hosted my annual Christmas Piano Party & Recital. I do this each December, as my “gift” to my piano students. But really, it’s a gift for myself too, because I enjoy it so much. In case you are looking for Christmas piano party ideas, here is what we do —


The first hour is spent with the kids each playing two pieces. I hold this event at my house, and it is just for the students, since it would be too crowded to have parents here as well (we have a May recital where they are invited). Usually, each of the kids plays one Christmas piece and another one of their own choice. We even have a few duets!

piano duet

Sometimes, I don’t have the kids announce what they’re playing. Then afterwards, I ask the others to guess the name of the piece. This year, I printed up a program and asked the kids to name a few things they liked about each student’s performance. I just mix things up a bit so that things feel fresh each year 🙂


Kids love to play games. After the performance portion is over, everyone can relax with games. Each year, we play bingo — it has become a tradition. I hand out blank 5 x 5 grids to the kids, along with pencils. We go around the circle with everyone naming Christmas- or music-related words for the squares. I set out a pile of pennies for markers, and we play several rounds. It works well: there are plenty of older kids to help younger ones. Throughout the year, I gather little goodies for prizes, and the kids LOVE winning and choosing prizes when they “bingo!”

For other games, I like to look at the Teach Piano Today website. This year, we played their Keyboard Krazies game. I had pretty much equal boy/girl numbers, so the teams were boys vs girls. The kids loved that!


To finish the afternoon off, I give the kids each a small gift (this year, I gave out a selection of erasers/cute pencil sharpeners from Office Depot. Last year I hand-embroidered ornaments for them, but I got a little burned-out doing that!). Then, they enjoy treats.

Christmas piano recital food

This year, I made chocolate chip cookies, easy Christmas candy, and a crockpot peanut clusters candy using peanuts, chocolate chips, and white chocolate bark. I also made brownie bites with “Santa hats” on top, made of raspberries and whipped cream. Cute, but easy — that’s the kind of recipe I like.

brownie bites with raspberry Santa hats

Then, just two hours after they arrived, the kids departed. It’s always a positive, feel-good experience, and I’m happy to let you all peek in via the internet. Merry Christmas, everyone!




5 thoughts on “Christmas Piano Party & Recital Ideas

  1. The best part is how much YOU enjoy the piano recital party! I love how the students dress in their Sunday finery! Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, what fun! I like the music bingo game with pennies. And the refreshments look delicious! I know the kids love their piano teacher!

  3. You are the most amazing teacher! I wish I could take piano lessons from you and then come to the party. I may be the oldest student you ever had but I’d feel like a kid again!! The buffet table is beautiful and I am sure all those treats were delicious. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. What a sweet gift to give to your piano students. I thought this was another recital and didn’t realize until reading this that it’s really more of a party. You have good ideas, Susan!

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