Book of the Month Gift Membership for Christmas

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You regulars out there know how I enjoy reading. It always amazes me to encounter someone who does not, because really? What’s not to love — you can travel to another place, or to another life, and learn so much. All for free! All in the comfort of your own home! Books. There’s really nothing like them.

Book of the Month Christmas gift

Book of the Month Gift Membership for Christmas

Book of the Month Club is a great place for readers, as well as for those who give gifts to readers. They have various options you can give to your recipient:

Sign up for a 1-month Book of the Month membership
Sign up for a 3-month BOM membership
Sign up for a 6-month BOM membership
Sign up for a 12-month BOM membership

Book of the Month Club looks over hundreds of books each month, before whittling the list down to five they think their savvy readers will enjoy. Then, members choose the book they would like that month (all are gorgeous hardcovers).
They receive that book, with free shipping. If more than one of the five sounds appealing, they can order one or two others for $9.99 each. If none of the five appeals to them? No worries, just skip that month and they can select a book next month.

This month, I’m trying out “The Sun is Also a Star” from the club. I have to admit that “You Will Know Me” was really tempting to me as well. Have you read any of this month’s picks (shown in the photo above)?

Have you ever been a member of Book of the Month Club? What were your impressions? Is there a bookworm on your Christmas gift list who might enjoy a book club gift subscription?




4 thoughts on “Book of the Month Gift Membership for Christmas

  1. I was a member of a book club at one time, but found it was altogether too tempting, so I quit. It was not the Book of the Month club.

  2. Before Border’s hit the scene I was in the Paperback Book Club, a cookbook book club and the History Book Club–usually bought the minimum, but it was much harder to find interesting books then. Browsing the horrible Walden’s at the Mall wasn’t satisfactory. I could read all kinds of reviews in journals and magazines, but to the Book Clubs, being profit-minded, did the best job of selling. Sadly, many (the one in this post included) gave out lesser-quality editions of the same price. Excellent way to get a lot to read, but many are now crumbling due to poor quality paper that disintegrates over time [says the librarian who has had to explain to too many people to count why “Book Club Edition” means “no thanks” to librarians and resellers.

  3. Wish that I could read more than my glaucoma eyes permit! I used to buy all kinds of Conservative books mostly about real people that I admired. Inspirational books have always been some of my favorites. I do enjoy reading your book reviews!

  4. It’s been many years since I belonged to a Book of the Month Club. I will check out the links to find out about this. Thanks for the idea and recommendation.

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