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A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about Tiny Prints cards.

At that time, I took advantage of one of the card company’s offers myself: I ordered some free card samples. Because despite how beautiful the cards look on the website, sometimes you just want to hold one in your own hands and look at it with your own eyes — in person.

My card samples arrived recently, and I’m happy to say that they lived up to my expectations. You can see the cards I ordered in the top photo. The colors were bright on the card that featured colors. Both cards were printed on heavy cardstock.  You would not need to worry about these cards becoming wrinkled or creased in the mail. They are higher quality than you would most likely get at the corner drugstore.

I ordered the two cards I did because, had I ordered samples of photo cards, the samples would come with someone else’s photo on them. What would I do with that?!

If you’re interested in trying out Tiny Prints’ samples as well, one card I ordered was the Cuddly Buddy (you can search for it on the site). I loved this card because what a fun idea to send a card that a child can color (or maybe an adult, with the current adult coloring craze). The other card is the Mesmerizing Maze, and again, I liked the puzzle/game aspect of this card.

Tiny Prints

Another thing I liked about these cards was that even the backs on the cards are decorated with a cute print! What’s not to love about that?

If you’d like to order sample cards to test out Tiny Prints quality for yourself, just head to the site and select up to three cards you’d like samples of. They’ll arrive at your house at no cost. Note that not all cards can be ordered as samples. Those that can you’ll recognize, because when you click on the card design, there will be an “order sample” option next to the “personalize” button.
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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Tiny Prints. They seem to produce a quality product! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for introducing us to this company. Lovely products.

  3. I’d love one of those embossing seals, but they’re pretty pricey, and I couldn’t use them because I have too many letters/digits in my first address line. They would sure be nice for someone who could use them.

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