Most Common Mistakes When Putting On Makeup for Work

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Putting makeup on before we go to work is an important part of our daily routine. It gives us confidence, allowing us to tackle various tasks during the day. As such, it is important not to make some mistakes that will present us in a bad way.

First of all, when going to work, you shouldn’t have too little or too much makeup. Instead, you have to find the golden middle. There should be just enough makeup to cover some imperfections, but not so much as to be distracting. With makeup, you should create an impression of a healthy and fresh face. While trying to find the perfect middle, women make a few mistakes. Let’s check them out.

1. Putting makeup in your office without proper light

Sometimes, we simply do not have enough time to finish the entire procedure at home. Instead, we do final touches at work. This can be terrible. You need a good mirror with lights so that you can do everything easily. Without a proper, full-sized mirror or good lighting, you may make mistakes.

2. Using too much glow

Glitter and eye shadow are risky. They are great for a night in the city, but are not recommended for work. You shouldn’t try to be glamorous. Instead, opt for a simpler approach. However, a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones can be good.

3. Avoid intense lipstick colors for important meetings and presentations

Vivid colored lipstick can be really distracting. If you have an important presentation ahead of you, make sure that others focus on your words and not your looks. Yes, such lipstick will definitely turn attention to your lips, but it may also cause a listener to lose focus. Before you leave for work, check yourself in the mirror from different distances to see if that tone is working for you. Small mistakes as this can be a deal breaker.

4. Using proper amount of liquid powder

Small imperfections can be troublesome. We prefer evening out our skin tone by using powders. But, this is a two-edged sword. People can easily notice if you are using too much of it. In some other situation, this can be acceptable. At workplace, it is a big no-no. Instead, your face should look simple, fresh and natural. In this case, less is more.

5. Do not shape your eyebrows

Eyebrows define your face, giving it a more serious look. You should avoid sensual shapes. They need to create a serious, intense look. Once again, you should forget everything you know about makeup and try to create a more business-like impression. Makeup should be used in minimal amount, as this will do much more for your career.

6. Using lip gloss

Similarly to glitter, lip gloss is a real problem in the office. It can be really distracting and it looks unprofessional. Choose matte options while at the workplace. Using lip balm can be a much better option, and it’s better for your lips.

7. Too much face contouring

Contouring is a great way to emphasis your facial features. It has become immensely popular in last couple of years. But in the workplace, too much contouring can pose a problem. You can still do it, but in smaller amounts. Make sure to use a mirror with proper lights to check if the nuances are just right. You can easily make a mistake by contouring too much. Be more conservative.

8. Do not use blush

Last thing to keep in mind is blush. Although it may seem as a great way to look healthier, women tend to overdo it. This creates a completely different effect and it is easy to tell that you have used makeup.

As you can see, the business environment doesn’t require too much makeup. Be subtle. Going to office is not the same as going to a party. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your next day at work.

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  1. Great information on makeup. Not only do a lot of women overdo their makeup but their clothes are not appropriate for the office either.

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