Menu Plan Monday 11/7/16

Blount Vegetarian Chili soup

Hello, friends! How was your weekend? I enjoyed visiting Roanoke, the small town where I used to teach, with my friend Leona. We rode a trolley around, had a good lunch, and I bought a couple of things, spending around $5 🙂 The weather was beautiful and there were lots of people out shopping the quaint little town. Daughter #3 had another band competition, and the kids had to report to school at 4 a.m. Saturday, and did not return home until 3 a.m. Sunday. Crazy! I guess there is a reason why you do those things when you are a teen. The band did really well, and they now have just one week of competition left.

Homestead band alternates

I loved this picture I found on Facebook, of the band’s “alternates.” These kids practice just like the rest of the band, but they often don’t get to compete. This is usually a “freshman thing,” and by sophomore year, they all usually get permanent spots. Still, I feel bad for these kids at competitions. I guess I will always root for the underdog (speaking of which, are you voting for Trump tomorrow? I will be 🙂 ). I’m really glad someone took a picture of these kids.

Monday: Wendy’s Chili — looks like a “for real” freeze this week, so I need to finally pick all the tomatoes in the garden.

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Casserole — made before. Tasty!

Wednesday: Veggie burgers. Vegetarian daughter #2 likes these, but they are expensive. Blogging friend Lisa told me how she makes them, so I will try her “recipe:” Boil lentils with carrots, celery, onion garlic to taste (tomato sauce is good too to cook them in) DRAIN very well. Mix with cooked brown rice (or oatmeal) and an egg or whites to hold together. Shape into patties–that old Tupperware hamburger patty set was great for these, but it’s gone now. Freeze with waxed paper between. Other beans just take longer but same method works. I don’t measure anything. When they hold together but aren’t hard then you’ve got it right. Serve on burgers, salad or in a pita.

Thursday: Taco Gnocchi — I bought a package of gnocchi on sale at Kroger last week, and searched for recipes. This looks good; we’ll see.

Friday: One Skillet Lasagna – easier than “regular” lasagna, and good.



4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 11/7/16

  1. I ate high on the hog this weekend. Friday after school I drove to a Lutheran Church Fall Dinner at Borchers. Yesterday I drove to another Lutheran Church’s Fall Dinner. This church is Sauers. When my Kamman ancestors arrived in America, my Great Great Grandpa Kamman and his brother settled in Jackson County in the Sauers area. However after probably less than 5 years they left Jackson County and moved to the Holland area. He left because he said the land in Jackson County was too wet & swampy! Anyway, back to the two dinners, Baptists cannot cook like Lutherans. The food was amazing!

  2. Well, cool! I’m a celebrity chef now! lol… Hope you don’t have to send out for pizza after tasting them! lol. Don’t OVERCOOK the lentils or you’ll have mush.
    The bbq chicken casserole sounds like one my crew would like, if they’re home.

  3. I haven’t even the slightest of ideas what gnocchi is. I’m planning on finishing my cauliflower soup today. It is delicious!

  4. All this wonderful talk about fabulous food is making me hungry. I have a couple of meals planned ahead for this week and we plan to eat out one evening because I have a late afternoon doctor appointment. I wonder when my husband will catch on the reasoning behind me making so many of my doctor and dental appointments during the late afternoon!!

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