Menu Plan Monday 10-31-16

Happy Halloween and Menu Plan Monday!

This past Saturday daughter #3 and I were at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the state marching band finals, which D3 participated in. Daughter #1 came up for the event from her college, as well as other relatives. The band did great, and I enjoyed watching about 25 bands perform that day. Congrats to Homestead band on their 3rd place finish!

doll Lucas Oil Stadium

One of my nieces had her doll enjoying the bands 🙂

One of the nicest moments of the evening is the end, when our band’s alumni stand over the “tunnel” that all the bands exit from. They cheer on all the bands as they leave. It’s a really neat tradition. Here they are cheering, as Homestead exits.

Homestead cheering as marching bands exit Lucas Oil

I got home from all this just before 3 a.m. So, I was pretty groggy Sunday morning. I made it to church, then the band potluck dinner, and am pretty much back to normal now.

This week, I’m picking up 41 cake rolls my daughter sold for band. In preparation for that, I’ve been clearing out the freezer as best I can.

Here’s the menu plan for the week:

Monday: White Chicken Lasagna — yes, originally planned for Friday. But a fridge full of leftovers resulted in an unexpected leftovers dinner.

Tuesday: pancakes and applesauce — one of my favorite dinners; haven’t had them in a while.

Wednesday: White Chicken Chili — a nice alternative to “regular” chili, and the weather is cooling off enough that chili should taste good.

Thursday: Deep Dish Tortilla Bean Strata –– from the family favorites cookbook.

Friday: chicken helper — I’m tired!

What’s new in your world this week? I always enjoy hearing from you in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 10-31-16

  1. I make a version of that bean thing in the crock-pot. I just don’t mention there’s no meat in it. Sometimes I toss in “just enough” of some meat for my son to be quiet and eat it! lol. If you do it in the Crock-pot fold heavy duty foil into two strong strips and put them in the bottom first to lift the whole thing out with.
    I LOVE the band tradition! That’s really great that they do that!]

    My menu plan is just fried (brown) rice and, if P is home, I’ll make the cheeseburger pie (BIsquik) that he asked for.

  2. I’m glad you got to go to see the band perform, and that the other relatives came as well. I would have loved to have been there, as I know your mom would have, as well.

    Did you get to see Boonville perform? How did they do?

  3. I loved reading about the band. And congratulations to them for how well they did. I also think the tradition of the band alumni is so very nice. I am sure the band members like that a lot. I know I would have! Going grocery shopping this evening because I am out of everything. I have a new soup recipe to try so will get those ingredients and need lots of staples. Your meals for the week sound good, as usual.

  4. Enjoyed hearing all of the news about Homestead Marching Band. They worked really hard and did an incredible job at State!

  5. Remember when we went to church with you and the speaker was from the Salvation Army? At the close of the service, each family was given a brown bag containing a dry bean assortment, seasoning and recipes to prepare bean soup. Recently Jill gave me her bag. I cooked it Saturday. It is very good. I will be eating bean soup until it is gone with the exception of Wednesday night when I eat at church. Guess what the Wednesday night church menu is this week? Soup! So it’s just another week of living on a shoestring, monetarily.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone 🙂 I agree that the tradition of the alumni cheering on all the bands as they exit is really nice. I did see both the Southridge band (a cousin helps with the band, and another cousin’s daughter is in it), and the Boonville band of gold, which placed 9th (a high school friend’s husband is the director).

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